Awesome / The Legend of Zelda

  • Impa gets one in the manual, where she eludes Ganon's forces alone in order to find a hero strong enough to challenge him. Bear in mind she isn't a badass ninja-like warrior in the classic continuity, but a heavyset, elderly nursemaid.
  • Previously, you had fought Ganon, and even if you stabbed him while he was invisible, you still couldn't stop him. Then you get the silver arrows and blow him up, and it's awesome.
  • The Old Man can enforce Video Game Cruelty Punishment here; attacking him will result him making use of a Beam Spam.
  • Link gets one here for beginning the Kid Hero trend of the series. By the end of the game he commands tornadoes, creates fire with magic, can survive being hit by a Lynel's sword beams, and, if BS Zelda is any indication, has a sword which commands lightning. He seems more like something out of ancient mythology than just an average kid. Hell, even before all of this, he is perfectly willing to step foot inside dangerous underground labyrinths full of creatures that most certainly want him dead.