Trivia: The Legend of Zelda I

  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early design documents reveal that the game was originally going to be a Mario game, called Adventure Mario.
    • The translators missed a golden opportunity to have the old man demand "Your money or your life" in the second quest. Granted, since the whole thing is a "Blind Idiot" Translation they probably didn't know the cliché even existed.
    • The game originally was going to be set in a more modern theme and Link would have the ability to travel to the future. The Triforce were also going to be computer chips instead of artifacts and Link's name was supposed to have meant a "link" between the present an the future. Today, Link's name is means a link between the game and the player.
    • There was going to be christianity in the Zelda mythos, but the idea was scrapped and the goddesses were used later on. However, the cross is still used as a design on Link's shield and on the Book of Magic, which originally was going to be a bible.