Awesome / The Legend of Tarzan

Animated TV series

  • Jane's three friends from England come to see her and they get into a rather bad situation, leading to Jane showing just how much she has changed from a prim and proper Victorian lady.
    Eleanor: First you put us onto a log and send us down the river. Next you strip us to our unmentionables and shove us into the muck. What's next? Will you have us hoot like gorillas and swing from the tree tops?
    Jane: If it keeps us alive! In case you haven't noticed, ladies, this is the jungle. It's not a garden party and I never should have pretended it was.
  • Tarzan and Kats (one of the Leopard Men) tag-teaming in "The Leopard Men Rebellion".
  • Terk getting a pack of raptors from Pellucidar to back off after she and Tarzan had returned one of their own who'd been lost on the surface, it's a long story. The normally fearless (and vicious) dinosaurs not only stop there attack to listen, but eventually do walk away without any further fuss.
  • Theodore Roosevelt appears in one episode. That is all.

The Film

  • The opening scene, where a group of soldiers led by Leon Rom is taken down by the native tribals, excepting Rom himself, is one on both the tribals' and Rom's ends. The tribals for taking down the well-armed soldiers, and Rom for, when attacked, using his Rosary to kill a tribal, and tricking the chief into making a deal with him.
  • Jane, captured by Rom, decides she's not taking his shit. She helps one of her captured allies escape, and swims away. Even though she's caught again, the escapee gathers the tribe for the climax.
  • Tarzan leading his gorillas against the tribe from the beginning.
  • The climax, which features a massive showdown between animals, Rom's forces, and tribals.
  • At the end, Tarzan is being choked by Rom. How does he solve this? He uses a mating call to lure alligators after them, and breaks the Rosary.
    Tarzan: Mating call.