Heartwarming / The Legend of Tarzan

Animated TV series

  • The ending of "The All Seeing Elephant".
  • Also the ending of "The Gauntlet of Vengeance".
  • The second part of the credits, in which, after wild animals and fights as were expected, you can see Tarzan's family, and particularly Jane and Kala looking moved.
  • The freeing of the Leopard men from La's slavery/control in "The Leopard Men Rebellion" was surprisingly heartwarming when one gets over the initial shock of the episodes twist ending.
  • After Edgar Rice Burroughs himself has been hearing about all of Tarzan's amazing exploits, Jane comes to say that all those stunts are only one part of the man. In truth, he's a much kinder and gentler person that his power would have him appear. Coupled with flashbacks of their romance.
    • All this gave Ed the inspiration he's been searching for.
  • "Tarzan and the Lost Cub" ends with the aforementioned leopard cub returned to his mother, both pay Tarzan and Jane a friendly visit later.
    • Before that, when the cub reunites with it's mother. It walks into a cave and sees her sitting curled up in the back looking sullen. Then she sees her cub, and smiles.
  • The fact that Those Two Bad Guys are only criminals because of their defiance of "Just Following Orders".
  • In "British Invasion", Jane's friends from England come to jungle to rescue when they mistakenly believe she's been held hostage.