Awesome / Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

  • Every fight scene in the movie and one that wasn't. Also, Soren getting the fire, the thunderstorm the bird chase, and probably more.
  • King Boron revealing his battle armor before looking at the screen. Total badass.
  • Nyra leading the charge into battle against the Guardians, entirely without either armour or forged weapons, and killing more of them than any other Pure One. She even participates in the final conflict and manages to survive nearly unscathed and get away with the remaining Pure Ones after Metalbeak's death.
  • In his battle with Metalbeak, Soren puts up a surprisingly good fight, with a burning stick, no less! Near the end, when knocked to the ground, and with Metalbeak charging at him, at the very last second Soren grabs the flaming stick and impales him with it! Awesome.