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aka: The Haunting Hour The Series

  • In "The Return of Lily D", Lilly D tries to stab Natalie, but she fends her off with a frying pan that knocks Lilly D's head clean off her shoulders. Even more awesome when one takes into account that, for most of the episode, Natalie was a genuinely nice girl who fixed Lily D. up and cared for an injured bird, along with helping her wheelchair-bound grandfather around the house. But after Lily D. tries to drown the baby bird and pushes her grandfather down the stairs, she decides enough is enough, and goes and kills Lily D. Beware the Nice Ones, indeed.
    Natalie: (bitterly) "I loved you..."
  • Grandpa Montogomery kicking the evil vampires' asses at the grocery store in "Grampires".
    Grandpa: Nobody drinks my grandson!
  • The climax of Creature Feature John goes through a kind of Body Horror only The Fly could understand, but he transforms close enough to save Margery, Nathan and Lisa from the Teenage Tick monster. Margery kills the original Tick Monster by kicking a bottle of acid (while restrained to a surgery table, no less), and John kills the Tick's creator Dr. Mangle. Followed by an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome when John is cured of his Body Horror.
  • Despite his fear of water, in the climax of The Weeping Woman, Chi swims out into the pond and confronts La Llorona, telling her that Chad and Heather aren't her children and convincing her to let them go, all while not looking her in the eye or showing her sympathy, as, according to legend, looking her in the eyes or showing sympathy to her is how La Llorona gets her victims. One of the few cases of Earn Your Happy Ending in the show.
  • The climax of "Alien Candy", when Walt risks his life to save his best friend Tim from two aliens, who disguised themselves as two middle school students named Bonnie and Greg. Together, Walt and Tim kill them both after figuring out that alien skin is vulnerable to salt.
    • Tim biting Alien Greg when he grabbed him.
    Tim: See how you like it!
    • Also, Walt standing up to Dwayne earlier.
    Dwayne: I'm missing a game because of you!
    Walt: You don't wanna get in trouble, stop picking on kids half your size or twice your IQ.
  • The penultimate moment in "Game Over", when Kelly "Kellraiser" is told by the original game master to choose his weapon, "anything you want", he chooses his friends, which brings them back to life to join him in the final battle. They, four kids with improvised weapons, then defeat the game master, a grown man armed with two swords.
    • Topped by the fact that the game master had planned to be defeated all along, so the victor would be trapped in the game in his place.
  • "Coat Rack Cowboy": Ethan defeating the ghost of an outlaw named "Mad Dog" McCoy, not by shooting him, but by telling him that all of his crimes affected innocent people, hitting McCoy'ssore spot of being an orphan as a child. Starting out with how after he killed the sheriff, one of his kids starved to death while the other turned to crime and became an even worse outlaw that McCoy. Then, since no one else would take the sheriff job, the town was overrun by criminals and died out in a few generations, leaving more innocent children without parents to take care of them. McCoy goes from trying to deny any feelings of remorse, to desperately insisting that he never meant for any of those children to suffer, literally guilting him to death.
  • In Dead Bodies, Will managing to make himself solid enough for Anna to see him and to defeat Jake, and his line to Jake that he became solid because he found the one thing in his life that mattered: protecting Anna from Jake.
  • Holden defeating Sir Maestro with the crummy guitar he traded for the golden one (and his friends, who had been kidnapped and forced to play for Sir Maestro forever) on "Long Live Rock and Roll."
  • Ted using a katana to decapitate Mangler, the robotic teddy bear he ordered online, in "Near Mint Condition."
  • Most of the adults on this show don't believe their children when they say something supernatural is going on. This isn't the case with Bo's mother Carolyn in "Grandpa's Glasses"—when her son is in danger (caused by the physical manifestation of her anger for her father — Bo's grandfather — who left her when she was a child) and after Bo begs his mom to forgive her father and save him, she grabs an ax and, like a true Mama Bear, prepares to destroy a solid wooden door if it means helping him.

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