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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
The Haunting Hour
Sara (from The Most Evil Sorcerer) is the ancestor of Alice (from My Sister the Witch)
Quite ironic since Sara hated magic and yet Alice became, well, a witch. This could also mean that Gresilda will take her revenge out on Alice and Pete for what Sara and Ned did to her.

The Show seems to take place in a rather Crapsack World
Judging from the suspiciously similar neighborhood's in "Really You", "Game Over", "Catching Cold", "Brush with Madness", etc you can probably assume that all the episodes in this series (except maybe "Scarecrow") take place inside the same universe. So if you think about it, the main characters all live in a world full of weird ghosts, aliens, scary monster clowns, transforming shark people, robots etc.

Executive Meddling forced R. L. Stine to change the ending of A Creature Was Stirring
The episode contains a throwaway reference to cannibalism and ends with an Esoteric Happy Ending, where the family is together (they say "we have each other!") and the parents will not divorce, but they literally lost everything except for the clothes they wear and they have nothing to eat and no place to live, being forced instead to live like hobos in the freezing winter. However, shoehorning a happy ending contrasts with the usual style of R. L. Stine, whose trademark is to end his stories with a Cruel Twist Ending. So, what if that was not the original ending? What if, after the parents say "we have each other" like the oh-so-lovey family they are supposed to have become, there was supposed to be another scene, where the other older son asks "But what are we gonna eat now?!" then the daughter (who had mentioned cannibalism earlier) looks at her parents, grins and says "We have each other"? That would be more consistent with R. L. Stine (not the cannibalism in particular, but the cruel twist ending), and the reference to cannibalism would be more actually useful for something in the story.
  • As a corollary: the ending was changed because executives were too afraid to broadcast a story with the Family-Unfriendly Aesop that material possessions really are important.

In Sick Alex was actually visited by an Elder One and the government tracked it down
This would certainly explain all the trippy Lovecraftian Horror overtones this episode had, so symptoms of being in touch with an Elder One is helplessness and hopelessness, unanswered questions and often involves gelatinous substance, such as slime (or mucus)... Which all feature in this episode. Also Alex seemed to be isolated and talking to the TV, which brings up Alex's sanity issues. The government found an Elder One that escaped to Alex's house and quarantined the house so the Elder One wouldn't escape... The fact that Steffani from the Wrong Number just might be related to Alex might be a Laser-Guided Karma for the whole family.

Cynthia controls the titular "Uncle Howee" and/or created him as an Imaginary Friend
Cynthia seems to know when exactly Uncle Howee is on and she may actually control when he's on. She laughs excitedly when she says she spoke with him in the bathroom, and throughout the "game" Uncle Howee plays with Jared, which she may have planned in the bathroom. Maybe Uncle Howee is her Imaginary Friend? She also seems to be expecting Jared appearing on the show at the end. While there's no proof Uncle Howee wouldn't do the same to others, there's no proof he's ever had this kind of interaction with anyone else, either.
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