Funny: The Haunting Hour

The movie:

  • When they try to lure the Evil Thing to them with a recording of its mating call. Just as it gets close to them, they press the wrong button and begin blaring hip-hop.
  • At one point Max has an extended sequence of brushing his teeth... before taking another bite of a cookie before even leaving the bathroom, making the entire scene pointless.

The series:

  • "A Creature Was Stirring": The end where the Krampus turns out to be a Christmas present brought by an SUV-limo riding Santa Claus.
  • "Poof de Fromage": Just the thought of alien leeches posing as cheese curls is one of those things that's funny because of how Jean-Louis (the alien posing as a French exchange student) takes it seriously.
    • The Answer Cut when Bobby asks what happened to the real Jean-Louis (since the boy known as "Jean-Louis" staying over his house is an alien posing as a human boy): The real Jean-Louis is tied up, stripped of his clothes, and left in the unclaimed baggage area at the airport.
  • "Creature Feature": Mostly for how deliciously hammy Dr. Mangel is.
    • Part two of that episode gives us this gem right after John, who was turned into a tick creature, was on the receiving end of a Groin Attack. The actual impact occurs off-screen, but the dialog makes it obvious what happened:
    Nathan: Ooh! Right in the...
    Lisa: In the what? Does he even still have any?
    (John doubles over in pain)
    Nathan: I'll take that as a yes.
  • Big Yellow dancing in "Mascot"
  • "Terrible Love": A rather darkly funny one: Stuart comforts Maggie — who just saw Brendon fall down the stairs after telling Cupid that she wanted him to leave her alone — and signals Cupid to shoot her with his love arrows. Maggie drops dead and wakes up a few minutes later, blissed out and in love with Stuart.
    • Cupid sarcastically whining, "Oh, no! Not a scene partner." when Maggie calls upon him to give Brendon another love arrow.
  • Ethan trying (and failing) at learning how to be a cowboy in time for his shootout with "Mad Dog" McCoy in "Coat Rack Cowboy."
  • "Uncle Howee": Uncle Howee posing as a police officer after Jared threatens to call the cops on him.
    • The name of Uncle Howee's game for Jared to play: "Find Your Sister Before Mom Gets Home and Grounds You For the Rest of Your Life."
  • "Near Mint Condition": The cheesy commercial and jingle for the Robo-Bear toy commercial, which adds to the episode being a giant Take That to obsessive toy collectors and 1980s nostalgia (Ironic, given that the channel that airs this series airs My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, which is a reboot of an '80s cartoon and has its share of obsessive fans and collectors).
    • Ted telling his brother that he's not sure how to get rid of a cybernetic teddy bear that was recalled for killing and maiming children, because they're not like werewolves or zombies, which have well-known ways of being destroyed.
  • Like Uncle Howee before her, Mrs. Worthington (of the episode of the same name) has a few great one-liners when she's not being horrifically sadistic. After Nate reacts with shock when she puts eyeballs in Molly's dinner, she thanks him. Later, she cheerfully calls out "Is your mother a blond or a brunette?" while blithely knitting a voodoo doll to torture the woman.

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The Haunting Hour The Series