Awesome: The Flintstones

  • Fred telling the truth in the episode "Fred's Flying Lesson". It's more epic than it sounds.
    • There's also a bit of Fridge Brilliance under the implication why he isn't always honest immediately is because he saves the truth for moments like this.
  • The entire episode that sends up James Bond films is both this and a Crowning Moment Of Funny. Come on, Fred and Barney defeat Doctor No?
    • Climaxing with Fred and Barney's "A Judo Chop Chop" chase.
  • Ann Margrock ain't gonna be your fool.
  • Wilma casually one-punching a giant dinosaur in the snout and making it run away crying.

Live-Action Film

  • Barney and Betty calling Fred and Wilma out for getting greedy and letting Fred's success turn them into snobs, with Barney also revealing if he hadn't switched tests with Fred he'd have been the one who got canned.
  • Wilma and Betty sneak into Fred's office to find the Dictabird to prove Fred's innocence. The Dictabird acts very snotty to Wilma and refuses to help, so Betty tells Wilma to step back because she's been under a lot of stress. Betty then single-handily grabs the Dictabird by the throat and throttles him into submission.
  • When Fred gets his name cleared among the workers, The Flintstones and The Rubbles go to Fred's house. Only to find that Dino and Wilma's mother are tied up, the house is ransacked and Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are missing. When Fred reads the Ransom note from Cliff, demanding to come alone and bring the Dictabird with him as it's evidence against Cliff. A pissed off Fred breaks the Ransom note (Like every other paper it's made of solid rock and can only be written with chisel.) into pieces, before setting off for the Quarry to get Cliff.

Animated Films

  • The scene in Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby where Bamm Bamm makes short work of the gangsters in Pebbles' birthing room in the hospital. It just goes to you, Bamm Bamm might be all grown up but he still hasn't forgotten the good old "BAMM!BAMM!BAMM!BAMM!BAMM!"