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Headscratchers: The Flintstones
  • Seriously, do they really need feet-proppeled cars? There's not too much difference between walking and pushing those cars with their feet, maybe it's worse with pushing the car's weight? It's not very practical as I see.
  • Remember Dino's first appearance? In that one, he's an intelligent Snorkasoarus that can talk to humans. In later episodes, he's basically a dog that goes "BEHBEHBEHBEHBEH" all of the time. What happened?
    • First appearance. They retooled him, it happens.
    • Characterization Marches On
    • Living with Fred simply made him dumber, I guess.
    • Maybe this is a different Dino.
      • If memory serves, I'm pretty sure he only talks when he wants to but, when he did, no one would understand him, so he communicated like a dog who is capable of gesticulating.
  • Here's a doozy of a Headscratchers question for you. The Flintstones have had a near total of at least 5 Christmas Specials however if one stops to think about it how can all of prehistoric earth celebrate Christmas the birthday of a religious figure that even by the fictional and randomized timeline of the series wouldn't even be Born for millions of years??.
    • It's a cartoon where the running gag is "modern day things, but with a prehistoric theme". It's not supposed to be historically accurate.
    • In real life, there were various pagan/secular holidays pre-dating (or coexisting with) Christmas that had a similar theme (gift-giving, festivities, etc.). I just assume that's the case for Fred and the gang, especially since there's no references/mentions of Christ ("God" was generically referred to in the "Flintstone Christmas Carol" special, but that's as close as we got). (No explanation for why call it "Christmas" though...)
    • That brings up more questions: how the hell did they know what A Christmas Carol was?
      • In the special, the play's shown to be written by one "Charles Brickens" (voiced by John Rhys-Davies).
    • There are plenty of stone age equivalents of real life celebrities, maybe there's a stone age Jesus with a rock-themed name (Jesus Chysoprase?).

  • Where was the cat that they had in the title sequences?
    • Well, there was an episode where they adopted it, but otherwise it got few appearances. Probably like my cat, hides all the time.
      • If there was a saber-toothed tiger hiding in my house that is capable of outwitting me, I would move.

  • How do the TVs work?

  • In the Winstons Cigarettes adverts they smoked cigarettes, so if cigarettes exist paper must exist so why are newspapers made of stone?
    • They haven't invented ink or the printing press?
      • Actually many early (pre-European) culture and societies smoked dried tobacco by wrapping them in larger leaves (a technique still used in the manufacture of authentic Cuban and some American Cigars) instead of paper.

  • In the closing credits, Fred puts out the cat. The cat then goes back into the house through the window, then puts Fred out. Why does Fred not go back in through the window instead of banging on the door and waking up the neighborhood?
    • In fact, the cat lampshaded it in a Sunday strip by means of a thought balloon stating that, after all those years, he should have learned to do it as well.
    • Fred is self conscious that any neighbors might see his upskirt while trying to climb into the window. He is so modest about his thighs.
    • Rule of Funny.

  • This joke. Some say it's a penis joke and others say it's an inside joke on how cartoon characters are measured in heads and Barney is two heads high. So which is it?

  • Why didn't Barney just BUY a box of Pebbles?
    • They don't accept seashells at Piggly-Wiggly.

  • Ok, this is a "yabba-dabba-doozey" but can anyone help me with this? OK, in the Flintstone Kids where the characters are children we have Captain Caveman and his son Cavey Jr., now hear me out, in "The Flinstones Comedy Hour" they are adults and so is Captain Caveman, are we to believe that the Captain Caveman in this show is Cavey Jr. grown up as a adult, and later on he was frozen and discovered by three modern day teenage girls in "Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels". So is the Captain Caveman we know today Cavey Jr. all grown up or what?

  • If the Flintstones and Rubbles are supposed to be cavemen, why don't they live in caves, as opposed to stone houses?
    • Suburban sprawl.
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