Awesome: The Cabin in the Woods

  • Holden's football catch at the beginning of the movie.
  • How Marty survives. He hacks apart the zombie with a trowel.
    • His heroic return in saving Dana from the redneck zombie is also awesome in how he comes out of nowhere with the giant bong as triumphant music plays his reappearance.
  • The Japanese schoolgirls exorcise the spirit attacking them and turn it into a happy little frog. Not a single one of them dies. They're all nine. And every other ritual ends in failure. Most of those failures apparently involve less Power of Friendship and more exploded buildings
  • The entire finale. Think of any monster you have seen in a horror movie. Giant snakes, werewolves, ghosts, zombies, Giant Spiders, killer clowns and so forth (even killer unicorns!). Now imagine them all onscreen at the same time. The finale is pure genius.
  • Homage to The Shining - the two dead girls, who appear in one of the elevator cells of horror. "Come Play With us....forever and ever and ever....."
    • As well as one elevator just spewing blood.
  • Meta-example - almost all of the monsters in the movie were actually created or people made up as them, with only minor CGI touch-ups. The only genuine exceptions were the ones that needed to fill up the screen when the directors felt there was empty space, such as the wailing wraith and the massive snake. Yes, they put together the Merman, and the werewolf, and made up a horse into a unicorn. Now that is awesome.