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Nightmare Fuel: The Cabin in the Woods
Since Nightmare Fuel in a movie like involves deaths, spoilers below. Read at own risk.

  • Jules' death, brutally having her head sawn off like a tree stump.
  • Holden is stabbed through the throat by one of the redneck torture zombie family members.
  • The still-animate dismembered zombie arm reaching for an unconscious guy's head as elevator doors close.
  • Are you afraid of clowns?
  • The entirety of "The Carnage" could count. Can you even imagine being trapped down there with almost every nightmare creature imaginable?
    • In just the first scene of The Carnage (a.k.a The System Purge) alone, we see a tree spewing blood after consuming a security guard, one guy gets devoured whole by a giant cobra, a killer robot scorpion slicing someone with it's buzzsaw tail and another guy literally getting ripped in half by gleeful "Dismemberment Goblins".
    • One of the most horrifying things contained in the cells is Kevin. Kevin is a seemingly ordinary Stepford Smiler with the power to drain people's blood. To make matters worse, it's never explicitly stated how he drains said blood...
    • One poor guy literally gets his soul sucked out, and then is taken away to who-knows-where, to have who-knows-what done to him. While everyone else has really painful deaths, at least they die, and their suffering ends. That may never happen to him.
    • There's one guy crawling on the floor slowly being pursued by a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl who sings an Ironic Nursery Tune to her intended victim. We also never see her face...and that's probably a good thing.
    • Getting impaled by a unicorn, yikes!
    • Tarantulas are scary as they are, imagine a 50-foot one.
    • Two people held against their will are pleading for their lives as they're about to be tortured by the "Hell Lord" and his minions (akin to The Cenobites from Hellraiser)
    • "The Merman", can you say Nightmare Face?
    • Just before their deaths, Mission Control are looking at a whole lot of small screens which are showing various people being killed by the various nightmares/creatures. Don't look too hard at these small screens. You won't like what you see. One of them shows a man being repeatedly and forcibly vomited on (what is presumed to be a corrosive acid of some kind) by what looks like mutant hospital zombies. A man gets suffocated in a plastic bag by a crazy man. One woman, out of fear, is Driven to Suicide and shoots herself. One guy gets "operated on" note  by the Evil Hospital Doctors. The Doll Mask Killers tie up a group of people, pour gasoline on them and drop a match as they leave the room. A woman is stalked by a monster she doesn't notice. A man is set on fire by a pumpkin-head creature.
    • The worst part about that whole thing is that some of these people killed in the Carnage were innocent; people with families and lives outside the facility. Sure it can be seen as a massive Karmic Death since they're all part of grand worldwide Necessary Evil operation that sacrifices unsuspecting people, but what about those who didn't fully know or understand what they'd gotten themselves into? And maybe some of them were Jerkasses and Asshole Victims, but not all of them.
  • That fucking wolf head...
  • And The Ancient Ones.
  • The giant octopus. Especially for people with an irrational fear of them plus the fact that they should NOT be making crunching noises.
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