Awesome / Sofia the First

  • To many, the Disney Princess cameos count.
  • Clover's song in "Blue Ribbon Bunny", and his dancing later on.
  • Desmond at the end of "Make Way for Miss Nettle". He's a Cowardly Lion that's had been trembling over his fears the whole episode (though that makes him all the more endearing), and by the end he finally faces his fears and tackles Miss Nettle out of the air! She still puts him in a bubble... but then we find out that he managed to steal her wand in an awesome moment of Badass Adorable.
  • Clover gets an epic The Dog Bites Back moment in "The Emerald Key" when he summons the woodland creatures of the forest to stop Mamanu.
  • Anyone who's not fond of Disney Princess merchandise and was sure that this show would feature the Chickification of Mulan will surely be thrilled when she shows up to help Sofia in full battle armor.
  • James when he enters the pedal race in "In A Tizzy" with a cannon on his machine - and he comes in second. Not last, second. Imagine propelling a car that goes on pedal power with a heavy cannon weighing it on, and managing to make any speed at all. Even if you're a grownup that can't be easy, and James isn't a grownup...
  • In "The Secret Library", when Sofia challenges the prince over the pegasi, he tells her he can simply cut her umbrella in half with his sword. She delivers a Badass Boast, "You won't even get the chance." She then lives up to it.
  • Several in rapid order in "Bailywhoops". Cedric and Greylock succeed in rescuing the royals from crashing against the rocks, and Sofia then enters the scene. As Slickwell is trying to deal with the mess, and says, "Allow me," Sofia interrupts him and sternly says, "No, allow tell everyone what you did!" She then shows the assembled royalty the spellbook that Slickwell used to curse Bailywick to make him too clumsy to carry out his duties.
  • In the pilot movie, we learn that fencing lessons are part of the curriculum, for Princes and Princesses. Now cut to "Bailywick's Day Off", when we see Sofia and James playing, and Sofia is clearly holding her own against James in their swordplay.