Funny: Sofia the First

  • Clover's Deadpan Snarker tendacies qualify. For example, the scene from the special when Sofia hugs him:
    Clover: Whoa! You ever heard of personal space? Put me down!
    Sofia: Sorry. You're just so cute and cuddly, I couldn't help it.
    Clover: Yeah, well, please, help it.
    • From "The Shy Princess," about why he doesn't think his friendship with Crackle is going to work out:
    Clover: She's a nice dragon and all, but -- we're just too different.
    Sofia: Because you're a rabbit and she's a dragon?
    Clover: Nah, because she breathes fire and I don't like being on fire.
  • Similarly, Amber's Lovable Alpha Bitchiness is usually really funny, as are most of the things Cedric does.
  • Ruby during the fan-painting in "The Big Sleepover" gets some good moments with her "I'm Mr. Happy Fan, don't make me Mr. Sad Fan" routine.
  • In "The Shy Princess", James and Xandar discuss putting a cannon on their dream castle. They later unveil the castle, revealing it to be a huge cannon topped with a tiny model castle. When they lose the contest, they determine it's because the cannon should have been bigger.
  • During the "Princess Test," Cloudcuckoolander Mrs. Higgins (Though it's actually Fauna, having disguised herself by magic.) is drawing Sofia a map to her cottage that somehow turns into a tic-tac-toe game...
    "If my cottage is this X and we're this circle, then just put an X here and and an X here and then tic-tac-toe, I win."
  • In "The Tri-Kingdom Picnic", during the opening song, it's mentioned that the royal family literally sent the ants away in advance by having all the ants put in a box and carries away. King Roland sings, "We go too far, or so I'm told!"
  • Blazing Badminton. That is all.
  • Amber's interactions with the flying carpet in "Two to Tangu."
  • Clover trying and utterly failing to communicate with Sofia through charades when Sofia temporarily loses her amulet and ability to talk to animals in "The Amulet of Avalor," as well as Sofia's completely unnecessary struggle to make herself understood.
    Sofia: *speaking in a loud voice, pronouncing the words carefully* Hi! I still haven't found the amulet yet!
    Clover: *to Robin and Mia* Why is she yelling at us? We can understand her!
  • In "Cedric's Apprentice", while Sofia is training with Cedric, Baileywick comes and he asks Sofia what she's doing. She says something like, "Learning magic!", and Baileywick remarks, "Oh, then perhaps you could teach some to Cedric."
  • In "The Amulet and the Anthem," Luciano describes all the perks of being anthem singer to Sofia:
    Luciano: But first, the very best part; You get to meet the king and queen of Enchancia!
    Sofia: Mom, dad!
    Luciano: Ah, you've met!
  • In "The Great Aunt-Venture", Aunt Tilly mistakes Sofia for Amber, and tells her how beautifully she's grown up. She then whispers to Amber about how she was a "funny-looking baby".
  • In "Princess Butterfly," the All Hallows Eve Ball requires that everyone make their own costumes themselves. Hildegarde shows up with a mask on a stick so she didn't have to make anything!
  • In "Two Princesses and a Baby", Amber looks over Cedric's shoulder as he checks his spell book.
    Amber: Oh, how about that one?
    Cedric: No, that's a shrinking spell.
    Amber: This one?
    Cedric: Sleeping spell.
    Amber: Ooh, how about that one?
    Cedric: That's a "losing my patience" spell!
    Amber: Really? I never need a spell to lose my patience.
  • In "The Enchanted Feast", Sofia visits Cedric while he's preparing for the titular feast, and actually gets his name right. On impulse, Cedric starts to correct her, but stops short, amazed she got it right. Sofia seems to be unaware she was ever saying it wrong.
  • In "Baileywhoops," Cedric and a rival sorcerer, Greylock, have been trying to one up each other while entertaining the kids, when Greylock suspends a carousel the kids are on in the air, without knowing how to bring it down. The second the carousel is brought down, the first thing Cedric asks is if the kids are "willing to be sworn to secrecy about what just happened."
  • Everything Cedric does in "The Curse of Princess Ivy," during his amnesia-induced stupor.