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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Sofia the First
Sofia is King Roland's bastard daughter
  • To put it simply, Sofia's mother, Miranda, had an affair with King Roland, producing Sofia, years ago when his wife was still alive, and waited for her (his queen) to die so he can make Miranda his queen. Seriously, Sofia looks more like him than the other two kids.
    • Fanon truth perhaps, but somehow I doubt it would be revealed on the show.
    • In terms of Fanon this kind of falls under one of those "logical answer but not stated in the show" scenarios. Yes, Sofia is much closer in appearance to the King than the others, and yes it makes sense that he wouldn't just scoop up a random peasant and put her in the line of royal succession (albeit nobody seemed to mind). But, of course, Disney isn't going to "go there"...or maybe they will, who knows. It wouldn't require them to throw around terms like "bastard" or make it seem so "adult"...though the idea that Sofia the First is akin to Disney's John Snow in the Princess Mythos is hilarious.
    • Based on that, the whole "love at first sight" thing when the King summoned Miranda to the palace was something staged he and Miranda planned from the very beginning to avoid admitting the affair.
    • Perhaps he resents James and Amber (albeit trying to hide it since he somewhat knows it's not their fault) for being fruit of a marriage he didn't want and favors Sofia as a result.
      • This would also explain why he gave Sofia her amulet, when you would think he would have already given such an important heirloom to Amber, his daughter he's known since birth, years ago. It's almost as if he knew he about Sofia for years...
      • Although, given how little was required for Sofia to trigger the "curse" part of the amulet, Amber would probably bring the Ten Plagues of Egypt down on herself within a day or so if she wore it.
    • Roland and Miranda also had to wait for Birk Balthazar's death.
    • This could also explain Baileywick's comment to King Roland in "The Buttercups" that Sofia specifically reminded him of Roland. Baileywick might not know/suspect anything (although he probably would since he seems to know everything), but it could be further evidence that Sofia has inherited more than just Roland's looks in having similar personality traits.

The series takes place in one of Phineas and Ferb's many parallel universes
  • Hence the Tri-Kingdom area instead of the Tri-State area. Specifically a fairy-tale universe, obviously. Is Cedric possibly connected to Doofenshmirtz? Maybe.
    • Similar level of competence perhaps…..
  • And there's a song Once per Episode.

Based on the above, it's the same universe of the Tri-Province Area and Princess Isabella will attend Royal Prep
  • Doofus Khan was the reason it wasn't safe for Princess Isabella to venture outdoors with other kids. Once he's defeated, Regent Monogram will enroll her at Royal Prep.

Everyone immediately thought about Phineas and Ferb upon the first mention of "Tri-Kingdom Area"

Wormwood will become the real big bad of the series
  • In the final few episodes of the series (or even more likely the series finally), Sofia will give Cedric the amulet to prove that she believes in him and is the final act to cause Cedric to have that heel face turn we all know is coming. Wormwood takes the chance to steal the amulet and uses it to reveal that he was an evil sorcerer cursed into a raven's body.
    • Well, it wouldn't be different from what Lanny's pet fish Yamakoshi turned out to be in Pair Of Kings

The King's first marriage was arranged
  • Roland II loved a peasant (Miranda) but his father arranged somebody else.

Wormwood is Maleficent
  • That theory has been expressed by someone who posted the pilot at YouTube.

Royal Prep was created as a substitute to Arranged Marriages
  • With one Rebellious Princess after another, several Kings and Queens decided to send their children there so they'd get along and minimize the chances they'd fall in love with people "not good enough".

It's set in the 1790s, 1780s or the Regency era, but in an Alternate Universe that has magic!
Well, there's a court sorcerer, (but there's no mention of the French Revolution, so perhaps it's an alternate universe which also does not have said event. And the fashions... does this seem familiar to you?or this? But Sofia's dress looks like it might belong from the 1850s.
  • It's clearly not in our universe. There's mention of "the 17 seas" and the solar system they make for science class has 7 planets and a sun
    • That would be consistent with a setting on Earth in the late 18th century. Neptune had not yet been discovered. Nor had Ceres, which is a large asteroid between Mars and Jupiter, thought to be a planet during much of the 19th century. A system with the sun surrounded by 7 planets would be a common representation of our solar system during this time period.

But it's OK... it's the WMG anyway!

Sofia's classmates are the descendants of other Disney Princesses
I think Prince Zandar is related to Aladdin and Jasmine Prince Desmond and his sister Princess Mae are Descended from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Look at a picture of Beauty and The human Beast, you can kind of see the resemblance
    • Also, Desmond is very smart and good with flowers
    • But why does Cinderella not appear with her kids?
      • Descendant could imply more than one generation; it could be centuries in the future.

King Roland only pretended to be a lousy dancer so Sofia wouldn't feel bad about not having much time to practice before her debut ball
Think about how he let one of his friends win some games during that Tri-Kingdom picnic.

Enchancia and Arendelle are neighbour kingdoms.
The prove? The trolls! It may not be a coincidence that both kings and queens from different kingdoms have trolls as friends. Alternatively...

Roland, the former king of Arendelle, and the queen of Corona are all siblings.

In the future, if Sofia has a daughter, she'll be named Sofia the Second.

Aunt Tilly abdicated the throne
It's stated she's King Roland's older sister. Given that male supremacy to the throne in royal heirs isn't something Disney has ever really brought up, she was probably slated to be Queen but gave up the throne so she'd be free to have adventures.

King Roland married Miranda so Sofia could inherit the throne.
Or, at the very least, so she could help shape up his children so they could be decent royals one day.

My theory is that James and Amber's mother spoiled them constantly. Obviously, Amber handled it worse, with her selfish short-sightedness, but James' still has a tendency towards boorishness and bad temper. Any efforts Roland made to try and discipline them was contradicted by his wife, to whom his marriage was probably arranged, as above theories speculate. When his wife died, he tried to undo the damage done to his children, but either realized they were beyond help, or realized he needed help. He found his solution when he met Miranda, realizing she had a humble, sweet, well-mannered daughter.

This is probably why Roland gave Sofia the amulet instead of, say, his own children, because he never plans on letting them inherit the throne. When he dies, she really is going to become Sofia the First. Or, as stated, he wants Sofia to help him help his children become better people so they can inherit the throne one day.

The Amulet of Avalor doesn't actually summon princesses through time; it creates simulacrums of the princesses specifically designed to guide the wearer into doing what's right.
Admittedly this is a pretty crazy guess, but that's why we have Wild Mass Guesses. This could explain any minor inconsistencies noted by Sofia the First fans, such as Cinderella portraying her conflict with her siblings as just a spat that could have been resolved by talking. The Amulet of Avalor seems like an artifact specifically designed to guide princesses along the correct ethical path; it's possible that instead of actually summoning Disney Princesses, it summons a reasonable facsimile of the needed Princess but "writes the script", so to speak, as to what the princess needs to say to coax Sofia into taking the correct course of action.

If Cedric ever gets his hands on the Amulet, he'll end up summoning King Candy.
It would give himself a good look at his own egotism and selfishness - and through Turbo, a look at where such things can lead.
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