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Awesome: Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
  • At the intro of the third game when Bentley says "It's the crime of the century and 'the ball's' in motion"
  • How Bentley gets rid of Black Baron's zeppelins for the fight against him? By cutting them down using blades of local windmills as shurikens of course!
  • Penelope fighting LeFwee. Once Bentley's down, she goes onto the mast and points a sword at LeFwee stating "No one touches that turtle, but me." Then she proceeds to fight him on top of a mast and then she defeats him by making him fall to the water and being eaten by sharks.
  • Posthumous one goes to Sly's dad, for inventing a technique to slide on laser beams. Sly even lampshades how absurdly awesome it is!
  • Murray's departure from his pacifism, after seeing Don Octavio knock Bentley out of his wheelchair.
    Murray: (After a little Angrish) That does it! *Tears off his ceremonial necklace* I'll floss my teeth with your spine! *DECKS Octavio but good* The Murray returns!
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