Awesome / Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

  • Murray actually gets one in the finale of "Clan of the Cave Raccoon". After spending half the episode in a funk because he's not feeling useful, Murray gets separated from the others after saving Bob Cooper's life and ends up taking down The Grizz by himself, something that wasn't even part of the plan to begin with.
  • Sir Galleth of the Cooper Order. Full stop. Sure, he's a bombastic, showboating goof of a Leeroy, but you have to admit, the guy is pretty awesome. He just, has a hard time dialing it down. Seriously, even after seeing the enormous firepower that the Black Knight has at his disposal, Galleth still doesn't give up, and takes on an entire army of the Knight's robotic guards singlehandedly! His plan to take out the Black Knight's surveillance blimps is another good example of how awesome he is (also doubles as a CMOF). Simple, yet effective:
    Sir Galleth: FIND ME A CATAPULT! And a very large rock.
  • In "Of Mice and Mechs", since Bentley is M.I.A. after getting badly shock during a mission. Inspector Fox takes over the mission briefing for the Operation and even shuts up Sly Cooper twice.
    • Also worthy of a mention is Murray, who learns how to swim just long enough to blow up a gate and to begin the job in style.
    • Bentley as well, once he overcomes his Heroic B.S.O.D. and comes with his own mech to save Sly and confront Penelope. The cutscene after this that shows him fighting his "personal demons" also counts since it has him face both Clock-La (his inability to walk) and Penelope/Black Knight (his heart ache) at once and he easily destroys them with his wheelchair for the sake of his friends.
    • The genius managed to whip up a comparatively-ramshackle mech to take on Penelope's humongous robot. He did this after getting through his issues, and still won the fight with a machine he probably spent ten minutes building. Penelope should have just stuck to R.C.'s.
  • Bentley replacing Ms. Decibel's classical music with hard rock. The air guitar serves as an added bonus.
  • Sly gives a great "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Le Paradox over his attempts to have revenge over the Cooper Clan stating that Paradox wasn't the one who stole the canes—it was his minions. Plus the only reason the Coopers are so successful is that they don't actually post their thievery where as Paradox is just pretty much inflating his already big ego.
    • Even more than that. Sly points out that Le Paradox was so good at his original thievery (art forgery) that Sly, one of if not the greatest thief of all time, had no idea Le Paradox existed. If only Le Paradox hadn't felt so insecure…