Awesome / Sailor Moon Abridged

  • Amy gets one in episode 31, when all the other senshi are knocked out cold by Malachite and Sailor Moon already injured. It sends the strongest of the Dark generals away crying.
    Amy: Go bleach your roots, creep!
    • It's worth noting that she said the same line in the DiC dub. Though not quite with the same effect.
  • In episode 39, Serena demonstrates a rare moment of heroic competence, and eliminates Malachite with only one hit. She doesn't even Snap Back to her usual airheaded self until during the Sailor Says segment.
    Serena: Yeah, excuse me guys. Time for the real hero to step forward! Moon Cosmic Power!
  • Two from episode 40:
    • Part 2 has the strangest line accompanying a Let's Get Dangerous! moment ever:
      Serena: Did you say pizza?!
    • When the ghosts of the dead Sailor Scouts refuse to help Serena fight Queen Beryl, Serena tearfully begs for their assistance. This doesn't work, so Serena decides to defeat Beryl without their help, and succeeds!
  • Amy managing to defeat a monster all by herself in episode 46/47. Darn shame nobody was there to see it and Moonlight Knight took credit for it though.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The Scouts' cover of the American theme song, despite the fact the first two lines sound very off-key.
    • The Musical Episode has the parodies of "Everything's Changing" and "Together Forever."