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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Sailor Moon Abridged
The events of the movie were All Just a Dream Serena had based on events that will occur in the future.
And that is how she was somehow able to remember everything that happened while the other sailor scouts and Darien did not. The scene in episode 42 where Serena wakes up after the meteor strikes outside is possibly when she woke up from the dream, although she doesn't realize that it was a dream. It's possible that Alan and Anne had the same dream since Alan mentions Fiore.
  • Jossed in the most recent episode Queen Serenity finally explains that it was an alternate continuity and Serena wasn't suppose to remember.

The series will end with a Throw the Dog a Bone moment for Amy
Either that, or a Who's Laughing Now? moment. After spending the entire series as the Butt Monkey, she ends up killing the Big Bad.
  • Or worse, she becomes the Big Bad.

The results for the recent 'write an episode' contest will be the same as the 'guess Sailor Venus' transformation song' contest.
Mostly because I've seen a few of the entries and everything I've seen scares me. And before anyone asks, I'm not part of the SMA crew either.
  • Jossed. HARD. They used multiple entries

At some point, Amy's very transformation-sequence will be interrupted/cut short.
Why not? There's so many "SHUT UP, AMY!" jokes, that this is the next logical step.

The series will end with Sailor Moon reminding Darien he owes her a pizza
It was a running joke through out season 1 and since the SMA series finale is going to be the end of the Doom tree arc (they confirmed that's it for SMA as a series) which ends with Darien getting his memories back and reunited with Sailor Moon it makes sense.

In the Sailor Moon continuity, the series is the result of a dare between the Sailor Scouts
Namely, they dared Venus to outperform Studio Gainax. They told her to stop either when she cast herself as a prostitute or when she had the "Venus Anal Beads Vaginate" attack, but she won't stop.

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