Awesome / Roddy Piper

  • Sure, it wound up being a classic 10-Minute Retirement, but his ostensibly "final" match with Adrian Adonis at Wrestlemania III was a hell of a brawl. There's an entire section in the beginning of the match devoted to Roddy just breaking rule after rule (whipping Adrian with a belt, throwing Jimmy Hart onto him), as if he knows the ref can't just disqualify a retiring Hot Rod.
  • Hot Rod bitting The Undertaker in the nose? YES, IT HAPPENED!!! note .
  • His only major title win in his original WWF run happened at the Royal Rumble 1992, after decisively beating The Mountie for the Intercontinental championship. The big smile on his face as he's announced the new champ adds some heartwarming to it.
  • His Wrestlemania VIII match with Bret Hart is easily one of the best matches in the event's history, especially notable for its characterization.
  • His legendary shoot on Vince Russo at NWA TNA #63, September 17, 2003.
  • Remember that really cool line from They Live during the bank scene? Roddy Piper ad-libbed that line, taking it from a list he had made of ideas for promos.
  • Roddy Piper shows just how Crazy Awesome he is by smashing a beer bottle into his own face.
  • Spraying Morton Downey Jr. with a fire extinguisher at Wrestlemania V. The lesson here, kids, is that you do not blow cigarette smoke into Rowdy Roddy Piper's face.
  • Smashing Jimmy Snuka with a coconut and knocking him through the Piper's Pit set; a villainous Moment of Awesome for Piper.
  • Messing with the fans doing "WHAT" chants during his Wrestlemania XXI interview with Steve Austin ("Try to keep up with me!"). Plus, he fires off this great line:
    Piper: I was pissin' Vince McMahon off when the red on the back of your neck was diaper rash, buddy.
  • During a run as Vince Macmahon's Dragon in 2003, the chairman tears a new one into Piper for failing to take down Mr America (aka. Hulk Hogan) before giving him a disrespectful smack to the face. When he tries it again, Piper blocks his hand, and sincerely apologises, though adds if he ever touches him again he'll rip out his THROAT!!!. A furious Vince takes that challenge and the two seem genuinely all set to tear each other apart before they are broken up.
  • Being finally inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2005. His speech was classic Piper.
  • Piper wrestled against Jerry Lawler at the 1994 King of the Ring PPV. YMMV about the match itself, but there is no denying that Piper was in the best shape of his life that night, looking absolutely RIPPED. "Macho Man" Randy Savage just about marked out over it on commentary.
  • During Piper's introduction of Steve Austin, as mentioned above, he remarked to the crowd how he was trying to find the biggest rebel, the biggest non-conformist, etc in WWE. Only, at one point, he accidentally - or, knowing Piper, maybe it wasn't - he let slip the forbidden acronym WWF, to have the crowd "OOOOOH!" in return. Mr. Refuge in Audacity's response? "BULLSHIT!"
    • The hilarious thing... Up until then, he's playing up the baddest dude in the WWE, then, when he says 'WWF', he almost is saying, "No, Stone Cold isn't the biggest badass in WWF, I was, am and always will be!..."