Funny / Roddy Piper

You're bound to get at least one in pretty much all his promos. Piper's mind moves a thousand miles a minute. Notable examples, however, include:

  • After the famous incident during SummerSlam 1989 where he mooned Rick Rude, Piper asked Gene Okerlund during an interview "What's a Scotsman wear under his kilt?" "His shoes!"
    • The mooning occurred during Rude's Intercontinental title defense against the Ultimate Warrior, and distracted Rude enough for Warrior to get the pin and win back the title. Piper's comment after the match; "I guess you're gonna say it's my fault, huh? Well, all I can say is...OF COURSE IT'S MY FAULT!"
  • The Halloween 1989 edition of Prime Time Wrestling, had him first dress up as Bobby Heenan, then provide a stone serious lecture to the kids out there on Trick or Treating safely......while his face is painted like a weasel.
  • The Intro of the 1989 Survivor Series, where all the wrestlers said what they were thankful for. What Piper was thankful for? "Not being Ricky Rude" and facetiously blew a kiss at the camera.
  • His 2005 Hall Of Fame induction speech is chock full of snarky asides. "They just let me back into Denny's."
  • Unintentionally funny, but he apologized on commentary during the 1991 Royal Rumble for saying "hell."
  • His dancing during the "Land of 1000 Dances" music video with all the other wrestlers. By the grin on his face, he's clearly having a blast.
  • His Intercontinental Title match against the Mountie. The Mountie hit him with his trademark tazer, only for Piper to shrug it off and win the match. He rips off his t-shirt to reveal a shock proof vest underneath.
  • His half-blackface at WrestleMania VI may have gone over like a lead balloon, but the fact that André the Giant switched out the paint he was using with something more permanent and he ended up having to go through customs like that on the way home? Hilarious. Here's Piper telling the whole, awkward story.
  • "Speaking of feet....Tony Atlas is an asshole"
  • Remember that time he guest hosted on MTV? No? Here, for your bizarre viewing pleasure.
  • After his "retirement" match at Wrestlemania III, some nutcase jumps the railing to get in the ring and congratulate him. So Roddy shakes his hand and then flippantly leaves the guy for security to swarm him. Well then.