Awesome / Rainbow Six


  • When going after Gabe in the final mission Bishop and his\her team enter a room where the terrorists have laid a trap, when Logan, Bishop's student, storms in to kill them all. Bishop says they're still going after Gabe and Logan recites the True Companions' words of wisdom Bishop used when they worked together. Bishop's response? "Who said that horseshit?"

  • Francis De la Cruz is a retired soldier working at an amusement park dressed up as a Roman soldier. He witnesses terrorists suddenly grabbing a group of children right in front of him. What does he do? He draws his authentic sword, and, in his centurion gear that is made from actual steel, wades into the attackers with blade hacking and chopping, and seriously wounds one of them. That's right: the terrorists got attacked by a freaking Roman legionaire. The last thing anyone expected that day. After Rainbow deals with the terrorists, every one of them makes a point of shaking his hand.
    "Hey guys! This is the one that took them on with a sword!" "No shit? That's was brave, man."
  • The entire climax in which Rainbow delivers a richly-deserved Curb-Stomp Battle to the smug, self-righteous ecoterrorists, some of whom were actually thinking they could hunt the special forces team like animals. This exchange says it all:
    "What happened?"
    "We got slaughtered like fucking sheep!"
  • In the second terrorist attack, one of the hostages is Klaus Rosenthal, a Holocaust survivor who decides he'll be damned he ever plays the helpless victim again, so he palms a paring knife and, when he sees a chance, slashes one of the terrorists with it (that's right: the senior citizen attacks a gun-toting terrorist with a paring knife). The Rainbow Guys make sure to compliment him on it, because even if it didn't really help it was a gutsy move. One of them, Mike Pierce, even shakes his hand.