Headscratchers / Rainbow Six

  • Is it just me, or does Clancy forget how to count several times? During the World Park assault, Team-2 is told that there are only eight terrorists in the control room (one's on the roof, and Andre left to go to the courtyard), but once the shooting starts, I definitely counted at least nine separate kills in the control room. And then when the PIRA attacks Hereford, somehow the group that got flash-banged by Connoly was ignored in the after-action count, and during the action; it was stated that out of the fifteen that attacked the hospital, only six were alive: there's Grady, the one from Paul Murphy's truck, and O'Neil's group of four that surrendered inside the hospital, Connoly's three were ignored. Plus, the total count was sixteen: 3x3 in the trucks, Grady and Sands, O'Neil plus four.
    • See Writers Cannot Do Math
      • Still, it's rather odd considering the level of technical detail in his novels. And let's not forget that he's a former insurance salesman. You can't sell insurance without knowing maths.
    • Bad intel.

  • Why is Vega assigned an M60 anyway? A 7.62 x 51 NATO round has a lot of penetration power that can punch right through walls that aren't made of concrete or something harder. Doesn't make the weapon useless for Rainbow's mission statement? Vega himself admitted that he'll probably never really use the M60 in his tour in Rainbow. Wouldn't it make better sense to assign him an M249 or FN Minimi, both weapons are more accurate than the M60 but still have just enough punch to take out a bad guy with body armor or a vehicle.
    • Sometimes "just enough punch" can become "not enough punch". Enemies are smart, they can wear new, tougher body armour, or add a few more mm to vehicle plating. That's where "more punch" is needed: the 7.62x51mm NATO round. Sure the M60's accuracy is poop, but if you're able to nail the opponent, he's toast, with or without armour.
  • Do FBI actually allow foreigners in their ranks? Seemed to me only right that national security falls within its citizens' hands. While I can see why Fuze, born an Uzbek, is in the Spetsnaz (Fuze is registered as a Russian Citizen), I can't see reason in the FBI recruiting Ash, whose nationality remains Israeli.
    • No. Apparently a full US citizenship is required to join the FBI. While they do recruit foreign experts, these people do not become fully-fledged FBI staff, what more becoming an agent or operative.
    • According to her profile in game, Ash is a participant in a US-Israeli law enforcement exchange program, which actually exists [1].

  • Why is someone who uses chemical weapons allowed on a CTU team? I mean shouldn't Smoke be arrested or something? I'm pretty sure chemical weaponry is illegal.
    • It's illegal to use it against someone covered by the Geneva Conventions, sure everyone on Rainbow Six is covered but they're currently just actually training against each other (maybe this is just some insane live fire exercise for Rainbow, or in a simulation). The gas charges are actually meant for the White Masks (Terrorist Hunt) who AREN'T covered by the Geneva Conventions (because they attack civilians)