Headscratchers: Rainbow Six

  • Is it just me, or does Clancy forget how to count several times? During the World Park assault, Team-2 is told that there are only eight terrorists in the control room (one's on the roof, and Andre left to go to the courtyard), but once the shooting starts, I definitely counted at least nine separate kills in the control room. And then when the PIRA attacks Hereford, somehow the group that got flash-banged by Connoly was ignored in the after-action count, and during the action; it was stated that out of the fifteen that attacked the hospital, only six were alive: there's Grady, the one from Paul Murphy's truck, and O'Neil's group of four that surrendered inside the hospital, Connoly's three were ignored. Plus, the total count was sixteen: 3x3 in the trucks, Grady and Sands, O'Neil plus four.
    • See Writers Cannot Do Math
      • Still, it's rather odd considering the level of technical detail in his novels. And let's not forget that he's a former insurance salesman. You can't sell insurance without knowing maths.
    • Bad intel.