Awesome / Pac-Man

  • In Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX, there are dozens, if not hundreds of ghosts (actually a maximum of 30) following you at once in this game. The majority of them line up right behind you, waiting for you to mess up a turn so they can catch up to you. Did we mention the game is quite a bit faster-paced than other games in the series? When you finally come across a Power Pellet and get to eat every single one of those ghosts in rapid succession, it is the epitome of catharsis, Many reviews gave special mention to it as well.
    • It looks like Championship Edition 2 took this Up to Eleven. There will now be a maximum of 4 ghost trains, and by the time the ghost maximum (now 60) is reached and a Power Pellet is eaten, Pac-Man soars into the air and chomps every single ghost before returning to his starting point.
  • In all incarnations: that magical moment when you manage to eat a power pellet just as you've been cornered by ghosts on both sides, and proceed to eat them both. Alternately, when you manage to time it so that you eat a power pellet as a ghost is coming right at you, plowing right into it before it has a chance to turn and run.
  • In one episode of the cartoon, Mezmaron tells the ghost monsters to steal an armored truck and its cargo. They eventually triumph in spite of being reduced to pairs of eyes. That moment of awesomeness isn't diminished by the fact it was a Meaningless Villain Victory.
  • Being so iconic that Google made a playable Doodle of it for its 30th anniversary is quite amazing. Bonus points for the fact that it's the very first Google Doodle to actually be a genuine game.