Awesome / Marvel Ultimate Alliance

  • At the end of the Negative Zone mission when both the Pro- and Anti-Reg forces put aside their differences and rejoin to fight the Fold. Features an especially awesome moment for Iron Man when he tells Hill, who's all set to arrest the beaten and weary Anti-Reg heroes, that if she has a problem with it, she'll have to go through all of them.
  • In the first game, a lone, unnamed Asgardian Guard was facing down an army of super soldiers. He then hefted his axe and charged head on at the army of massive, hulk-like soldiers while screaming "For Asgard!!!". He sent more than five Super Soldiers flying in a single swing.
  • Loki deliberately throws a fight to trick the heroes into freeing the Destroyer for him, which he promptly takes control of.
  • Not to mention Thor's reaction to being hit by one of Doom's robots in the first game and his blasting said minion afterwards.
    • Plus Cap taking down several robots easily. Spider-Man was stunned.
  • A PC mod that gives you the DLC allows for a big one in Mephisto's realm: having Magneto in your party after the battle with Blackheart allows you to avert his sadistic choice and save both Jean and Nightcrawler.
    Magneto: Calm yourself, X-Man. These cages may come from another dimension, but they are still made of metal.
    • Magneto gets another one if you have him in your party confronting Fin Fang Foom by giving Badass Boast after Badass Boast to the gigantic dragon-like alien. Have a look.
    • Speaking in general PC mods as a whole has made the roster even more awesome. While you still can only have 27 total on your team, you now can pick from a pool of well over 200 Marvel characters to make your 27. The options offered up by it make so many teams possible.
      • The fact alone that the game continues to have a lively modding community ten years after its release, while it never has had official modding support is a CMOA in itself.
  • When the team first boards the Shi'ar battleship, they're immediately confronted with an enemy who raises his weapon at them, shouting "Surrender now!" Just a split second later, Corsair attacks said enemy from behind and One Hit Kills him.
  • Taking down aliens such as the elite forces of the Shi'ar and Skrull Empire, supernatural monsters, demons, and several deities, including Blackheart, Mephisto, Loki and Doom with a team of Badass Normals.
  • The final showdown with Dr. Doom.
  • The cutscene in the first game titled "Escape From Castle Doom", has Nightcrawler attempting just that. He uses his mad teleportation skills and a pair of swords to defeat a dozen Doom-bots in the most epic ways possible. It's definitely a scene worth watching over and over, just because of its sheer awesomeness. That's what training in the Danger Room gets you.
  • The cutscene in the first game, showing the last stand of the remaining heroes of Earth - Gambit, Shadowcat, Magneto, Charles Xavier & the frigging Hulk have all fallen at the hands of Doom; but Colossus, heavily mutilated & likely to die the moment he shifts out of his metal form due to blood loss, crawls and grabs Doom's ankle, if only as a sign of defiance. Doom pulls him into the air telekinetically, so Colossus spits in his face, prompting Doom to smash him into pillars. Cue Cyclops, the only other hero still moving optic blasting Doom with all he's got to try & save Piotr. Almost makes up for him not being in the game.
  • Doom effortlessly taking out missiles with the Odinpower.
  • A meta one- Captain America and Iron Man's Fusion Move (Iron Man blasts into Cap's shield, which he reflects into baddies) making it into The Avengers movie.
  • Making it through to the end of a boss with only one character left, while on low health.