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Funny: Marvel Ultimate Alliance
  • Almost anything involving Deadpool. A couple good examples:
    Powers up: "Now I'm better at doing whatever it is Wolverine does!"
    "I'm low on energy... but rich in Vitamin C!"
    • When he haggles a SHIELD agent over how much money the agent will pay for freeing him.
    • "C'mon, Black Bolt, repeat after me: spa-tu-la."
    • The entirety of the conversation with Weasel, should Deadpool be with you.
    Weasel: Oh.... Hey Deadpool.
    Deadpool: WEASEL! Old buddy..... Havn't seen you in a while. Where've ya been hiding?
    Weasel: In the hospital... You broke my leg, remember?
    Deadpool: Oh yeah..... But I had to. You were about to eat the last cheesy puff.
    Weasel: Those were my cheesy puffs!
    Deadpool: That's not how I remember it!
  • "Stretchy man suggest Hulk release anger with words. Hulk call it 'Hulk-ku'"
    "Hulk smash wide load sign;"
    "Not appreciate insult;"
    "Hurt Hulk's self image."
    • Or:
    "Hulk break lots of things
    "Everything make noise when broke"
    "Hank wrong about mimes."
    • Or the best:
    "Hulk want hug kitties;"
    "But they so easy to squish;"
    "Hulk live in cruel world."
  • The recording Fury left for Stark:
    Computer: (Fury is trying to activate the self-destruct protocol for Prison 42) There is not enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and try again.
    Fury: Stark... your IT department sucks.
  • Some of the early boss battles can be this when it's 4 on 1 against a fairly easy foe. Bullseye in particular will end up getting curbstomped by four heroes in a pretty hilarious image.
  • An announcement comes over the PA in Stark Tower saying "Warning, a small thermonuclear device has gone missing, and Deadpool was last seen in the weapons lab". Later on, you can hear one announce that Deadpool has returned the device - it didn't make a very good basketball.
    • The Stark Tower PA is good for a lot of funny, from Johnny Storm leaving a prank "Happy 65th birthday, Ben Grimm" announcement to reminders that "Miss Bambi and Miss Heather" are still waiting for Tony in the main lobby.
  • Deadpool will make an interesting comment if you have him in your party when you go anti-registration.
    Commander Maria Hill: You don't know what you're doing!
    Deadpool: Par for the course, crazy lady! Besides, I can always go the other way on my next play-through.
  • Some of the more bombastic characters can get a little overenthusiastic with their victory quotes:
    Dr. Doom (even if beating a basic mook): *levels up* Finally! I have achieved my ultimate triumph!
  • During the first intro movie in MUA 1, Wolverine is seen pulling a large piece of shrapnel from his back while Thor, Captain America and Spider-Man look on.
    Wolverine: What are ya girls lookin' at?
  • The credits of the first game has several of the characters recording their lines. They're guaranteed to make you laugh.
    • Xavier gets into the mind of the script writer to stop making him repeat his lines or else he'll make him relieve a very bad childhood fight.
    • Galactus keeps breaking things in the recording booth.
    • Mr. Fantastic can't pronounce 'nuclear' right.
    • Loki is scared that Thor came early for recording since he glued his hammer to the floor that morning.
    • Ninjas keep attacking Fury.
    • Jean hates that she always dies.
    • Mephisto has a lot of friends in Hollywood since he makes deals with people for their astral souls...
  • Spider-Man can be quite snarky in this game, and it's always hilarious.
    Fury: You'll be travelling to Mephisto's Realm. It's a dimension of fire and brimstone.
    Spider-Man: Why can we never go to a dimension of lonely super models?
    • "Am I dead? Why does heaven smell like a wet dog? (notices Wolverine) Oh. Never mind."
  • The endings of MAU 2, playing the Anti-SRA path, there will be a dialouge about Deadpool complaining to one of the developers that he was told that the game was suppose to be "Deadpool and his Inferior Friends". In the Pro-SRA path it'll be Hulk in a talk show.
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