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Awesome: Legends Of Chima
  • Laval managing to unite the Lions, Eagles, Wolves, Ravens, Crocs and Gorilla's to fight off the black cloud in episode 18, which they successfully drive away.
  • In episode 20, when Laval and Shadowind have just pulled the Legend Beast out of the Outlands, we get two words from the mute one: For Chima!
  • In Episode 20, Eris knocking a Raven fighter out of the sky with her axe.
  • The Speedor charge in episode 20, also doubles as a Crowning moment of heartwarming when you remember he's doing for Laval.
  • Smart Rogon, seriously he was able to create a variable with a make-shift calculator then break/use said calculator to free his Legend Beast and Save Eris from the spider tribe.
  • After Laval and company obtain Fire Chi, they return with new fire powers and give the Ice Tribes their first real defeat.
  • The gang and Flinx completing the Illumination and saving Chima!
  • The Reveal that Chima is but an island floating above a much larger world.
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