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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Legends Of Chima
The Legends Beasts were effected by the Chi
Just because they didn't drink the chi water doesn't mean they weren't changed by it, did you see the size of some of them?

The Legend Beasts may not have drank the chi water, but the energy emitted from it was enough to change them, increasing their size, strength, possibly their intelligence and lifespan-perhaps even making them immortal.

Their is also a possibility of their being a population of Legend Beasts, the eagle one having eggs seems to imply this.

The Chi is actually a colony of Nanites
The nanites were left behind by humanity when they abandoned the earth(or went extinct).

The way the nanites affect the animals involves reconstructing their bodies as well as adding biomechanical additions. They also have a database of knowledge that they imbue them with, note how the Scorpions, Spiders and Bats immediately knew what chi was and were able to talk after being infected.

The Serpentine is a lost Chima tribe.
What's the motif of the Legends of Chima sets? Anthropomorphic animals with ridiculous-looking vehicles modeled after themselves. The Serpentine fit the bill perfectly, especially when the Fangpyre's vehicles are taken into account. Somehow, the Serpentine must have gotten separated or banished from their fellow Chima tribes and ended up on Ninjago.
  • Or alternatively, Ninjago takes place centuries after Chima and the Serpentine are the only living tribe left.
  • The large gem on Pythor's chest looks convincingly like a chi.

Fabuland is a prequel to Legends of Chima
Fabuland and Legends of Chima are both LEGO Themes centered on the lives of anthropomorphic animals. While Legends of Chima depicts the animal people at war with one another, Fabuland takes place during the thousand years of peace between the tribes prior to Cragger's revolt. Fabuland also features bears, lions, monkeys, crows, birds, and even crocodiles, all of which are tribes in Legends of Chima. If you want to cut corners, Fabuland also has dogs and foxes, similar to Chima's wolves. They're clearly set within the same universe.
  • Reports confirm that there is also a fox tribe in Legends of Chima. What more proof do you need?

Shadow Wind is a girl

Why not? It will make an interesting twist if it turns out to be true.
  • And since it's pretty obvious that Shadow Wind is an Expy of Rider X from Speed Racer, this makes the idea even more plausible.
  • If it is true, then this might bring an awkward love triangle to Laval and Eris.
Due to Chima having lots of shout outs to FinalFantasyVII...
Eris will either die or be seriously injured by the main villain. Aeris and Eris differ by one letter (And are the heroes main girl), Chi works very similarly to Materia, is found in special water which looks and acts somewhat similarly to the lifestream... Why not reveal the villain through one of the biggest twists in gaming.
  • Hmm... Laval has spiky hair, wields a sword, and rides a motorcycle. Coincidence? I think not!
The Big Bad of the first season will be Crominus
As the latest episode seems to hint, there are possibly some otherworldly forces down in the gorge that no one in Chima seems to understand. Crominus probably ends up stumbling upon something that he really should have left alone...
  • Jossed, Crominus was captured, and the real villains are the Dark Tribes and Lavertus (Whatever he's planning...).
  • Off by one generation.
Shadowind is Lavertus
  • Barely a guess and more like a spoiler (hence the tag). A building set features a minifig identified as Shadowind but with the same fur tones as Lavertus. Also, the latter was shown being absent without explanation while the former was saving the Crocodiles from a Spider attack. And an unofficial Lego wiki has a photo of Lavertus wearing Shadowind's armor without the mask.
  • Confirmed in "The Legend Thief".
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