Funny / Legends of Chima

  • When Gorzan loses the joust for the Golden Chi, all he has to say is: "Bummer!"
  • Any scene that involves Ploval, Cragger's teeth cleaner, always showing up at the wrong time.
  • Episode 14: A well-meaning Cragger, trying make up for his actions (since Crooler had run out of the "Persuader Plants" she'd been using to control him), finds an Eagle/Raven hybrid who can make counterfeit chi (that still works), and distributes it to the other tribes, only to find out it temporarily causes the user to act like a bird. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Laval trying to run from Skinnet and Plovar, with him keep saying he's banished.
  • Eris basically cockblocking Cragger and Laval in episode 20. No, seriously.
  • "Attack of the Ice Clan":
    • Longtooth has been given the task of defrosting Crug, who keeps assuming that they're having a campfire much to Longtooth's chagrin.
    • When Cragger gets his tail stuck in ice rendering him unable to move, a nearby vulture tells him that he'll finish him off... and then just sits back and reads a scroll.