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Heartwarming: Legends Of Chima
  • Worriz's concern for Windra can be seen as this.
  • The ending to Episode 14, Cragger and Laval's friendship has been repaired, that is all.
  • In "Ravens vs. Eagles", it seems Eris is starting to return Rogan's feelings.
    • Also the b-plot, where Cragger and Laval go on a friendly race across Chima, a bunch of their friends joining them on the way, with Cragger actually complimenting Plovar at the end.
  • Laval's return in episode 17, you can tell by Eris' expression when she sees Laval again.
  • Cragger's reunion with his mother.
  • After Laval and the others escape the cave-in. The Scorpion Scorm digs his way out of the ruble and yells at Laval that he won't rest until he steals all Chi from the lions in a classic villain rant/monologue. Laval pauses in his retreat (much to the others confusion) Walks over to Scorm, then... gives him an orb of Chi. Scorm is so thrown off by the gesture he asks Laval why, Laval responds simply that the Chi belongs to everyone, and all Scorm and the others had to do was ask for some.
  • When the Wolves go out of their way to warn the other tribes about the influence of the Hundred-Year Moon. To see them doing something nice for the others and agreeing to it when suggested is unique for them, and rather nice to see.
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