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Muscle Docking!
Behold, the series of Crazy Awesome that appeared on the scene before all other Crazy Awesome shows. Naturally, you should expect a page of all of its awesome moments.

Monster Extermination Chapters
  • Before his characterization was fully planned out, Terryman was basically an anime version of John Bradshaw Layfield, demanding pay from the Japanese government for saving them from monsters ("I don't know much about Japan, but in America, this is normal.") He manages to cross the line by kicking a kid because he didn't have enough money to pay him to save his father, causing Kinnikuman to punch some sense into him.
  • Usually whenever someone hurts or threatens to hurt a child would cause Kinnikuman to actually fight and be awesome, but there was an instance where there was a subversion. A monster attacks Mari's kindergarten, spurring Kin to rush out and confront it...only to find out that the kids like the monster more than being rescued by Kinnikuman. This leads to Meat having to go out and save the day.
  • Kinnikuman beating the crap out of Kinkotsuman in his first appearance back when he was considered a threat.
  • One of the few times Kinnikuman actually managed to beat a monster outright: ripping his way out of the Bottomless Alien.

20th Choujin Olympics
  • After spending the first half of the arc trying to sabotage the Olympics, Kinkotsuman actually helps in the second half, earning an awesome moment when he slaps some sense into Kinnikuman after he becomes too disheartened to continue to fight Robin Mask.
  • The final between Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, especially the ending.

American Tour Arc
  • Kinnikuman's victory over Jessie Mavia. A master of the move-reversal, Jessie had been considered 'unmovable, like the mountain' in that he pretty much turns every grapple Kin tries against him. Then Kin goads him into taking the offensive, and the result is a Curb-Stomp Battle...for Kinnikuman.
  • After Kinnikuman and Robin Mask's rematch over the Grand Canyon ends and a free-for-all between the Association, Council, and Federation erupts, a powerful presence stops the fighting. It's God Von Elric, former don of the American Choujin world...and he is not happy.
  • The Machineguns' battle against the Most Evil Combo In the Universe, which includes using moves from their opponents in the Choujin Olympics, like Ramenman Camel Clutch and Skyman's Deadly Dive.
    • Before that, their match with the Rugged Brothers. First, they escape from under the lighting rig (which, in Kinkotsuman's usual style, was dropped on them); then Kinnikuman knocks Terryman out to prevent him from revealing his artificial leg... only to wipe out the Rugged Brothers in two moves single-handedly.

21st Choujin Olympics
  • Ramenman vs. Brocken Jr. That is all.
    • The ending also stands out: Ramenman had a few of his bones broken during the fight and despite that condition, a Romero Special was all that took him to win.
  • Kin gets one in his victory against the sumo-wrestling Wolfman who was being heavily promoted by Harabote as "Japan's New Hope". It's even more awesome because Harabote set up the match specifically to be a Sumo match favor Wolfman, meaning that Kin beat him at his own game.
  • Warsman gets a crowner (albeit very brutally), when he defeats Pentagon despite the latter having a clear advantage with the ability to fly.
  • The semifinal between Ramenman and Warsman, which is both this and horrifying in the end.
  • Warsman and Kinnikuman fighting in the final gives two crowners for each fighter; Warsman gets one for making an effort not to use weapons and one for continuing to fight until the very end and Kin gets one for not giving up even after Warsman is revealed to be essentially a fighting computer capable of finding every weakness of his opponent and one for winning via using the Kinniku Buster for the very first time.

The Seven Devil Choujin Arc
  • The entire arc is a CMOA for Kin, since he defeated all of his opponents with some help within the 10 day time period.
  • Terryman's Dark Horse Victory against The Mountain.
    • His speech to Natsuko the night before the match also counts as this, as well as a CMOH.
      "There are times where a man must lay down his life for his friends, and I consider myself proud to have such friends."
  • Mongolman's (who was in turn, Ramenman in disguise) Big Damn Heroes moment, which was defeating Mr Khamen and saving Brocken Jr from the former's "Mummy Package".
  • Mongolman defeating Springman on pure skill and guile.
  • Buffaloman gets one when by reversing the Kinniku Buster with just sheer force.
  • Three words: Neo Kinniku Buster.

The Golden Mask Arc
  • Robin Mask's victory against The Junkman.
  • Despite tying with Ashuraman via some unexplainable lucky breaks, remember that Ashuraman was still having trouble with Terry after those breaks despite the latter having his arms stolen by Ashuraman, meaning that Terry may have won that battle if he was at full strength.
  • Brocken Jr.'s win against The Ninja, despite having the crap kicked out of him for most of the match.
  • Geronimo literally shouting Sunshine to death after having his torso crushed and skewered, having his heart stop, and reaching into his chest and manually restarting it.
  • Kinnikuman's victory against Ashuraman.
  • Buffaloman gets one when he stalls for time for Kin to perfect the Kinniku Driver via fighting Akuma Shogun, who he was terrified of.
  • The Kinniku Driver, in all of its glory.

Dream Choujin Tag Team Arc
  • The picture for this page is probably the most awesome Tag Team technique ever created, Muscle Docking.
  • After nearly an entire arc about Neptune Man beating the crap out of everyone and boasting about how amazing Perfect Chojin, Terry finally gives him and Budo an incredibly satisfying verbal smack-down after they reveal their true colors.
    Terryman: You seem to believe that you're perfect, but nobody in the audience agrees with that! [...] You were perfect when you took the masks from Warsman, Robin Mask, Ashuraman, Mongol Man, and the Great Mask from my face! However you failed to take Kinnikuman's mask within the time announced! You two are now nothing more than spoiled brats who bark at everyone else for being imperfect!

Scramble For The Throne Arc
  • One of the 4 teams for the Scramble was in a massive disadvantage, having only 2 members with the leader included. Said leader's True Companions arrive just in time to save the leader's second, who was about to hit the ceiling and die. The judges call them out on this saying they're not supposed to be there as they weren't registered in the leader's team. The leader then reveals he had said friends registered using a special ink that reveals itself when exposed to heat, thereby allowing his friends to take place as members of his team. This leader? None other than Kinnikuman.
  • Meat defeats Mixer Taitei, who had killed Kinnikuman before that, using all the techniques he learned from watching all of Kinnikuman's fights up to this point.
  • The trimphant return of Ramenman, in which he utterly Curb Stomps Motorman and goes on to defeat Bikeman.
  • The entirety of Soldier's fight against Super Phoenix. It took a lot of outside interference for Soldier to lose. In a clean match, Soldier would have easily won.
  • Kinnikuman's Mastered Muscle Spark, also counts as a CMOH because he knows now that his brother's sacrifice was not in vain.
  • Kinnikuman is forced to fight against Prince Kamehame who The Omegaman transformed into his body via Omega Metamorphsis because he was the only fighter who was victorious against the hero. As Kinnikuman is overwhelmed by Kamehame's 52 Submissions which he had yet to teach him but only the 48 Killer Techniques, Kamehame ends up taking control by subconsciously teaching Kinnikuman the 52 Submissions which allowed Kinnikuman via Bimbinba's motivation to not only counter the holds but also overwhelm Kamehame with the taught holds! Kamehame can finally rest in peace knowing that Kinnikuman had not only learn his 52 Submissions but also had finally surpassed his teacher.

Perfect Large Numbers Arc
  • Less action-packed than most examples, but a great moment is when Kinnikuman sets off to fight Peek-A-Boo. Terryman is stunned by Kin's willingness to fight the Perfect Large Numbers even though their philosophy is spartan-like (Win and you kill your opponent, lose and you kill yourself). Kinnikuman just stares at Terryman and gently chides his best friend for focusing on this point alone while ignoring the fact that there were opponents they've faced in the past with just as bad (Ramenman, Warsman), or even worse goals (Robin Mask,Buffaloman)— many of which who have become allies only through being defeated.
    Kinnikuman: Terry...didn't all of our views used to clash before? You, Robin, Ramenman, Warsman, Buffaloman and the others, we could never get along! But if we were too scared and had never fought each other back then, would the Justice Choujin have become what it is today?
  • The Finale of Atlantis X Marlinman. Following wave after wave of technical grapples, reversals and slams, Atlantis gets pierced through his chest by Marlinman's Perfect Spear twice, the second one nailing his heart. Atlantis then uses an unexpected hold to finish Marlinman off and, while it was a tie, Atlantis successfully takes down Marlinman with him. The move in question was nothing more than his former opponent Robin Mask's Tower Bridge.
  • Black Hole takes down TWO of the Perfect Large Numbers by himself. Granted, he had Pentagon's help against Jack Tea, but he was the one to deal the most damage and the one to finish Jack Tea off.
  • Springman's Heroic Sacrifice. He pushes himself to the breaking point so his and Buffaloman's Longhorn Train successfully take down Turboman, who had killed Stecasse King prior to this match.
  • Warsman X Polarman. 4 words: Palo Special - The End.
  • Psychoman vs Silverman! Complete with Psychoman's full extent of Magnet Power and Silverman's own Muscle Spark... the Arrogant Spark!
  • The long-awaited battle between Kinnikuman vs Nemesis was this in these key moments!
    • Nemesis counters Suguru's Kinniku Buster by neither using Buffaloman's 6-to-9 counter or Scarface's neck-turning counter. He does it by using his own Burning Inner Strength and then using his own legs to leg lock Suguru's in an improved Neo Kinniku Buster!
    • Suguru pays back when Nemesis attempts to finish him with his Nemesis Driver... which was then reversed into Suguru's signature Kinniku Driver!
    • Suguru saved himself from Nemesis's Finishing Move Battleship Sink by pulling the ring rope to soften the damage, a Call-Back to how he saved himself from the full extent Akuma Shogun's Hell Guillotine!
    • Nemesis catches Suguru with the Perfect Muscle Spark and wait no... it's actually Sliverman's own Arrogant Spark!
    • It looked like Nemesis defeated Suguru... only to fall into exhaustion from using the forbidden move and Suguru is Not Quite Dead yet with enough fight left!
    • Suguru finally defeated Nemesis with his Perfect Muscle Spark, outshining his 70 Million Power Muscle Spark he used to defeat Super Phoenix!
  • The Battle of God has begun between Akuma Shogun aka Goldman and The Man!
    • Akuma Shogun's Nine Point Seal get countered by The Man's own usage of the same technique!
    • The Man also possess Diamond Power which he used to overpower Akuma Shogun's which was improved!
    • As The Man used his Finishing Move Helmet Crush on him, it actually significantly stagger Shogun.
    • The Man lifts up Akuma Shogun for another move and when it looked like Shogun would use his snake-body to slither out, The Man already caughts and inflicts on him his true Finishing Move as Perfect Zero: Thousand Soldier Annihilation Drop! This move actually shatters Shogun's mask to expose Goldman's head and makes him bleed!
    • Akuma Shogun then turns his Diamond Power hardness Up to Eleven known as Lonsdaleite Power and successfully fights back against The Man, shattering the chest armor of his Strong The Budo guise which reveals The Man's chest.
    • The Man uses his Finishing Move on Shogun again and when it looked he won this time... his Diamond Powered leg shattered due to Shogun's Lonsdaleite armor protecting him even despite being fatigued from it! Akuma Shogun finally lands his Hell's Guillotine on The Man, finally breaking his Strong The Budo mask off to reveal his face.
    • The Man gets up from the attack and it looks like he is about to fight again... until he collapsed in defeat. It's official, Goldman defeated The Man and effectively ended the Perfect Origin's invasion!

True Devil Chojin arc

  • Wolfman finally gets his first victory since the 21st Chojin Olympics. He uses his Friendship Power to place Lunaight into his new finisher: the Shiranui - Unryuu Nage.