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Trivia: Kinnikuman
  • Ascended Fanon: Many of the characters featured in the series were originally designs submitted by fans. When this is done, the chapter the character is introduced in credits the fan.
  • Banned In France: Not so much because the character Brocken Jr. dressed like a Nazi, but because he was also a hero; a paradox too great to swallow.
  • Bowdlerisation: The violence and Toilet Humor is toned down a bit in the anime.
  • Defictionalization: The Kinniku Buster is used as a finishing move by Samoa Joe, although he falls back to make it more like a suplex rather than dropping straight down to avoid breaking his opponent's neck (or worse) in real life.
    • There ARE ones who use the original sit-down version, but they're exceedingly rare due to the stress on both the victim's neck and the attacker's tailbone. Kinnikuman doesn't have this problem because, you know, he's superhuman and he's really trying to beat the other guy up.
    • The Robin Special has also been used in real life, but it's not done in the same way as Robin Mask does it and not done often, for obvious reasons.
  • Names to Know in Anime: Interesting in the fact that the anime was released at the time when most, if not all of the voice actor listed were not exactly stars at this point of their career.
    • Akira Kamiya, voice of Kinnikuman.
    • Daisuke Gōri, voice of Robin Mask, Ashuraman, Black Hole and Dirty Baron.
    • Kaneto Shiozawa, voice of Geronimo and Screw Kid.
    • Masashi Hirose, voice of Rikishiman/Wolfman and The Ninja.
    • Hideyuki Tanaka, voice of Terryman, Springman, Planetman and Satan Cross.
    • Masaharu Sato, voice of Buffaloman, Sunshine, Mammothman and Ramenman(after Eiji Kanie's untimely death).
    • Hideyuki Hori, voice of Warsman.
    • Ryoichi Tanaka, voice of Jessie Mavia, Prisman and Mr. Khamen.
    • Tetsuo Mizutori, voice of Yosaku, Golemman, Iwao, Leopardon, Mixer Taitei, Motorman and Brocken Jr.
    • Issei Futamata, voice of King Ton, Kinkotsuman, Stecase King and Sneagator.
    • Kazuhiko Kishino, voice of Mayumi Kinniku, Neptuneman, Atlantis and Junkman.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Many characters are submitted by fans.
  • The Other Darrin: Ramenman has had seven different voice actors, the most of anyone in the series.
    • For the Throne Arc, everyone had their seiyuus replaced, save for Kinnikuman himself.
  • Playing Against Type: Kaneto Shiozawa, known for voicing Hot-Blooded Bishōnen voicing the rather stoic Screw Kid.

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