Awesome / Holes

  • Zero's confrontation with Mr. Pendanski (in the movie):
    Mr. Pendanski: (Hands Zero a shovel) Take it, Zero, it's all you'll ever be good for. You might as well teach this shovel how to read. D-I-G, what's that spell?
    Zero: (pauses, then hits Pendanski in the head with the shovel) Dig!
  • Stanley stealing Mr. Sir's truck and driving it into a hole (accidentally) and then running away. Also a Crowning Moment of Funny. Zigzag even says it was awesome in a later scene in the film.
  • Stanley carrying Zero up the mountain, unknowingly breaking the curse on his family, as Zero is descended from the sorceress who cast it.
  • At the end, as Stanley and Zero are about to leave Camp Green Lake, the Warden desperately begs Stanley if she can see what was in the suitcase. Stanley's response is to throw her Catch Phrase right back at her: "Excuse me?"
    • And just before that, Zero reading the name on the suitcase, revealing it belongs to Stanley's family. Those councilors certainly regretted calling him illiterate. (It actually occurs in the book as well, and the Warden is stunned almost speechless.)
  • In a deleted scene, Stanley imagines his camp mates threatening the school bully not to mess with Stanley anymore. This was actually a part of what "happened" in the book.
  • When Trout asks Miss Katherine (pre-Kissin' Kate Barlow days) out on a date and she repeatedly turns him down:
    Trout: No one says "no" to Charles Walker!
    Miss Katherine: I believe I just did.
  • "Start diggin', Trout."
  • The implication that God Himself caused the drought in divine retribution for Sam's murder. "God will punish them," indeed.