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Nightmare Fuel: Holes
  • The description of Zero's dehydrated face in the book, especially when it's compared to a jack o'lantern. Not to forget the drooping eyes and mouth bit. *shudders*
  • That moment in the movie where what might be Sam's ghost stares blankly at Stanley before fading away.
  • The Yellow Spotted Lizards:
    • When Stanley finds a hole full of them.
    • And then when he and Zero get stuck in a hole full of them.
    • The way Kate Barlow dies after being bitten by one of them, oh God, the way she dies.
    Kate Barlow died laughing.
  • The Warden, Mr. Sir, and Pendanski were willing to let the lizards bite Stanley and Zero. And after they realize that the lizards won't bite them, consider shooting them. Adult Fear, since the authorities that are suppose to protect you don't care if you were to live or die.
    Twitch: Hey, look at this cool looking lizard!
  • The scratch scar Mr.Sir gets from The Warden is quite creepy. The reason it appeared after he got scratch was because The Warden puts rattlesnake venom in her nail polish!
  • Sam's lynching. It's not really elaborated on, but the implications of the time are horrific.

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