Heartwarming / Holes

  • Clyde Livingston, the baseball player whose sneakers Hector had stolen and Stanley IV had received by accident, reveals that he had donated the shoes to help the kids—Clyde reveals during Stanley IV's trial that he himself was actually an orphan as a kid, so he could relate to these children on how it feels to never really know who your parents are.
  • Stanley carrying Zero up the mountain. Doesn't matter if you read it as Ho Yay or not, it's still ridiculously cute. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • When Stanley finds the gold tube, he convinces X-Ray not to give it to Pendanski yet. When X-Ray asks why, Stanley tells him to do it the following morning so he can get the whole day off. In the book, only X-Ray is present, but he's clearly impressed by Stanley's idea and follows his advice. In the film, the reaction is pretty much the same, but as the rest of Group D is present, he gets similar reactions from them too.
  • "I can fix that."
  • At the end of the film, all the boys rushing out to greet Stanley and even Zero when they return.
  • When Stanley acquires his nickname of Caveman, and then when he's moved up one place in the water line. It shows how he's become a member of the group now, as opposed to simply "the new guy", and how the others are warming up to him.
  • YMMV on this one, but considering Pendanski calls Zero Zero instead of by his real name as he does with the other boys, even if he does it in Kick the Dog moments, it's still nice when he finally does call Zero Hector.
  • From the 2003 Film:
    Mr. Pendanski: Nobody cares about him. Nobody cares about Hector Zeroni.
    Stanley: I do.
  • At the end of the book, Hector's mother sings this to him
    "If only, if only, the moon speaks no reply;
    Reflecting the sun and all that's gone by
  • "I don't smell anything". Stanley III finally inventing something successfully after years of hard work and bad luck makes this phrase more powerful than it should be.
  • Sarah refusing to leave Elya after finding out about his curse. One could interpret her choice as a big "screw you" to destiny itself.
  • When the Yelnats and Hector see the contents of the chest that belonged Stanely IV's great-grandfather and realize how valuable it is in the current time, Stanley IV says to his parents and grandfather, "It's only fair that half of whatever's in here goes to my best friend Hector Zeroni." Stanley's family readily agree to this, and after hearing what Hector's last name is, grandpa realizes how their family's curse was broken, the family gets excited and Stanley II gives Hector a big Bear Hug.
    • Also, Hector ends up using part of his share of the money to hire a team of private investigators to find his Missing Mom, who he's happily reunited with at the end of the movie—and it also turns out that she had been looking for him as well.
      • The very end of the movie shows Stanley IV and Hector as next-door neighbors and are now financially well-off, and all the boys they had gone to the camp with are hanging out with them as well.
  • The fact that Elya Yelnats couldn't have cared less about Madame Zeroni's curse, as he didn't believe in it to begin with, but still wanted to carry her up the mountain anyway and was wracked with guilt when he realized he'd forgotten.
  • Although in the book X-Ray is the only inmate indifferent to Stanley and Zero's return, in the movie he's just as overjoyed as everyone else after they come back and even gives Stanley some final emotional words before he leaves.
    X-Ray: You be careful out there in the real world, all right? Everyone's not as friendly as us. Hold on for me.
    Stanley: Alright boss.