Tearjerker / Holes

  • Poor Katherine and Sam.
    • "It's so hot, Sam, but I feel so cold..."
    • "I can fix that."
    • The film version of Kate's death. In the book, the lizard just jumps out, bites her and leaves. In the film, she picks up the lizard and puts it to her arm, prompting it to bite her. Can you really blame her?
  • There's also a happy one at the end when it finally rains at Camp Green Lake and everyone (except the villains) celebrates.
  • Only six months before the film's release, Scott Plank (Trout's actor) died from injuries sustained in a car accident. It's sad watching this film knowing that it was his final role.
  • It's hard not to feel even just a little sorry for the warden when she begs to see the contents of the briefcase. She had literally built up her whole life around finding it, and the lengths she went to demonstrate how consumed she was. She looks genuinely heartbroken and defeated to find that it was all for nothing. Even sadder is that this wasn't originally her quest; her grandfather basically forced her to adopt this obsession from childhood, never giving her a chance to find her own purpose in life. And now the only purpose she did have has just evaporated into thin air.
  • When Squid catches Stanley writing to his parents, he mocks him about it. When Stanley tells him he doesn't want them to worry, Squid bitterly tells him that his parents are probably glad to be rid of him and dumps the letter in the trash. Later on, we find out that his mom is an alcoholic and his dad walked out on him.