Awesome: Heck Where The Bad Kids Go

  • Milton- Really, his entire Character Development from a goody-goody nervous wreck into something of a Badass Bookworm could be seen as this on a grand scale, as he's getting more and more of these.
    • In Book 1, he's the first person to ever escape from Heck, coming Back from the Dead as a result!
    • Book 2- he figures out the Grabbit's plan and tricks it into destroying itself.
    • In Book 3, he freaking sneaks into HELL (with the help of Anubis) to rescue a Brainwashed and Crazy Marlo
    • Book 4 gets a couple that might top them all:
      • With Marlo, Zane, and Van Glorious, he manages to destroy Fibble, getting it turned into a part of Heaven by flooding it with pure truth, finding a home for the POD's in the process.
      • Before that, with those same people, he PREVENTS THE APOCALYPSE. By rewriting TV show scripts in his own blood.
    • Book 5 has him leading a team through a Death Course in Tesla's Sense-O-Rama, and when finding out that they're trapped, manages to Take a Third Option and escape.
      • And after that, he and Marlo get called to testify at the Trial of the Millenium, where he exposes Micheal as The Man Who Soldeth The World.

  • Virgil- Despite only being in 3 of the books so far, he's gotten a few of these.
    • Book 1- his Heroic Sacrifice so that Milton can escape.
    • Book 3- Starts the (very unfortunately named) B.O.W.E.L movement, and manages to overthrow all order in Blimpo. Including using his singing abilities to bring down Lady Lactose and the Burgermeister's balloon castle.
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