Awesome / Gone

Feel free to add your favourite awesome moments in the appropriate book period. Please explain why you think it qualifies.


  • Mary stepping up to do the daycare with no help and no agenda was a Crowning Moment of Awesome in itself.
  • Drake's whip-hand.
  • The dreaded poof scene at the end of the book.
  • Diana's quips had this ongoing effect. It was kickass how her insults weren't only hilarious and well-timed, but true too and with context.
  • The confrontation and battle of wits between Sam and Caine half-way through the book. They tore each other new ones like a boss, whilst delivering a Wham Line at the end. Caine: ...And you are...Brother.
  • Bringing down a entire church Caine Soren style.
  • Astrid swinging not only herself, but her 4 year-old brother onto a balcony below them to hide from Drake. All while reciting the Hail Mary prayer.


  • Jack standing up to Drake of all people.
  • Lana going to take on the Gaiaphage. Whether you think she was being stupid or not, you have to give her credit for being ballsy.
  • Caine finally defying the Gaiaphage after Diana is attacked by Drake.
  • Orsay's power.


  • Diana Ladris Risking her life for people she didn't even know. Aye, she's come a long way from being a Manipulative bitch in GONE.
  • Astrid Ellison and Nerezza's catfight.


  • Howard's loyalty for Orc in this book defines the term.
  • Diana leaving Caine after being betrayed by him.
  • Caine killing Lance. More because of who was dying than because of how it was done.
  • Performing surgery on Dekka.


  • Edilio unloading on Sam and Dekka after Sam accuses him of not having anyone he cares about. He does. It's the Artful Roger
  • Dekka finally calling out Brianna was pretty kickass.
  • Caine's bubble finally bursting, whether you're a fan ''or'' a hater, was either very compelling and moving (if you love him) or hilarious and relieving that someone at last managed to pick him apart (if you don't-love-him-so-much). Either way, full of awesome.
  • Penny using her power was this combined with horror.
  • "I miss Diana." Yes Caine, you are lost without her. Thanks for acknowledging that.


  • Sam kills Drake.
  • Albert calls out filmmakers that think the graves in the middle of the town plaza are fake.
  • A cop is about to report Edilio to immigration services, but when he recognizes Edilio, he instead calls for another four police cars for protection.
  • Caine, of all people, is the recipient of Little Pete's consciousness, and he gets to save the world in the most Badass manner possible.

  • Brianna would have ended Gaia if it wasn't for a dud shell, even though she was fighting her alone and wounded, and she still went out fighting.