Heartwarming / Gone

Ok, so the most of this series is about children starving, dying, having arms races and trying to kill each other. Or even EAT each other. But believe it or not, there are a few sweet notes. Please to add your own Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in the specific book period


  • Mary stepping up to take care of the littles, despite the fact she had no help, no reason to and had enough of her own problems to deal with.
  • Astrid defending her brother when she found out that he accidentally caused the FAYZ.
  • A very minor one, but Edilio comforting Astrid when she finds her home had been burned down by Drake was definitely touching.
  • The ending; "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." (Became a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment by the time the 5th book was published, but hey, it was cute at the time.)


  • After Caine compromises his safety, his life, the lives of his friends and followers, his dignity and identity, what's the one thing that prompts Caine to finally break free from the gaiaphage? When he holds it responsible for Diana's supposed death.
  • Duck's heroism at the end of the book.
    • Likewise, Brittany's bravery.


  • Mary promising never to leave her brother.
  • No, you sick, stupid creep; I love you! I shouldn't! You're sick inside, Caine, sick! But I love you.
  • Caine deciding to save Diana instead of killing Sanjit.


  • Diana: Why did you save me? Caine: Because what would I do without you? How would I live without you? Because. Diana: Because? Caine: Because you're the only human being I need.
  • Howard's loyalty to Orc.
  • Dekka's whole friendship with Sam.
  • Dekka's Anguished Declaration of Love towards Brianna when she thought she might die.
  • Lana: No. I'm not going to heal your scratch. Sanjit: Good. Lana: Good? Why good? Sanjit: Because when you hold my hand, I don't want it to be work for you.


  • Brianna and Dekka making up and becoming best friends again, and Dekka seemingly starting to get over her and accept they'll only ever be straight-girl and lesbian life partners.
  • Diana Allowing herself to be kidnapped and tortured to save Justin, a boy she hardly knew.
  • Sam and Diana's friendship.
  • Brianna trying to save Diana...Kind of. Justin: Are you going to save Diana? Brianna: I was more thinking about killing Drake, but if that means saving Diana, I can live with that.
  • Astrid and Sam accepting and perhaps even coming to love the FAYZ.
    • He was hers. She was his. And this was their world.
  • Astrid and Sam reuniting after spending months apart by having sex for the first time leading to the example above.


  • Edilio being reunited with Roger in the very end.
  • Astrid and Sam living together after the FAYZ and inviting Diana to come too.
  • An officer is about to report Edilio's family to Immigration Services, but then he recognizes Edilio and instead calls another four cars worth of police to protect the family.