Awesome / Glove and Boots

  • Mario and Fafa celebrating their 2012 Shorty Award win by sliding down a mountain in a Port-A-Potty. And then blowing the Port-A-Potty to bits!
    • A bit of context. Mario and Fafa stated they would do the above if they won the Shorty. It doesn't sound so impressive until you realize that two puppets managed to outvote the DJ of Justin Beiber.
  • Mario giving completely factual directions to get to San Jose from Brooklyn.
  • A thousand Fafa's singing "Take a Chance on Me".
  • Wolverine - the Musical!
  • Fafa singing along to Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity.
  • Fafa's open letter to Taylor Swift. Until Mario interrupts re-declaring his love for Katy Perry.