Funny / Glove and Boots

  • This lovely line:
    • "How can I be happy when the four horsemen are outside and they are all Terminators!"
  • This conversation:
    Fafa: You have to shop before the end of the world.
    Mario: Why?
    Fafa: Well, to beat the crowds. Going shopping after the apocalypse is like being at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving.
    Mario: Oh man.
    Fafa: But the other shoppers aren't just shoppers.
    (Mario turns to look at Fafa.)
    Fafa: They're zombies.
    Mario: Aw man.
    Fafa: And the zombies all have Bird Flu.
    (Mario turns his head to face the viewer)
    Mario: I hate Walmart.
  • From the Christmas Special:
    (Fafa gives Mario a present and Mario begins to shake it.)
    (Rattly Noises)
    Mario: I wonder what it is...
    Fafa: Don't do that! Everything you asked for this year explodes!
    (Mario drops present and gasps)
    Fafa: Better get the fire extinguisher.
    Mario: (calmly) My present is on fire. (panicked) My present is on fire! Aw!!!
    (Mario runs around and screams)
    • A little later in the same episode, Mario mistakes Santa for a yeti and knocks him out with the fire extinguisher.
  • In "Glove and Boots Summer Movie Review", Thor serenading Natalie Portman with "Let's Get It On" in his usual Large Ham style.
  • From "The Hero's Journey":
    • Johnny T (portraying Luke Skywalker): "... I'm going to save the galaxy and make out with my sister."
    • When Fafa introduces the role of The Herald, Mario interrupts him with ''—and Kumar!"
    • Johnny T. as Gandalf, calling Saruman The White "a real piece of sh[BLEEP]t."
  • "Glove and Boots Responds To Comments'':
  • "There are four different types of ping-pong. It wasn't always like this!"
  • The Gorillage People.
  • The outtakes videos should have their own page.
    Mario: We get trophy?
    Fafa: Yep.
    Mario: And we get to stop Deejer Baybay?
    • "A silly game that people like to play at parties is Six Degrees of Seven Bacon."
    • In Outtakes 3, Fafa moonwalks out of frame.
    • In Outtakes 4, Mario punches out Fafa's teeth, and then eats them.
    • "Is that someone on the toilet with you [beat] behind you, sh[BLEEP]t."
    • "Everyone, I'm going to take a Buzzfeez quib so you don't have to."
    • This line:
    Fafa: Some of you are even nicer that you flag some bad comments as spam.
    Mario: Right, you've got to spag the flammers.
    • In Outtakes 5: "If the entire graduating class of Hogwarts can turn a coffee cup into a turnip, they can absolutely cure foot cancer."
    • "We are going to play an Iron Raiden mecord backwards..."
  • Gorilla tackles "Oh Christmas Tree".
  • This line of 14 karat comedy gold from "The Headless Horseman Blog":
    Mario: We are going to play an Iron Maiden record backwards to try to summon THE DEVIL.
    Fafa: WHAT?!
    Mario: Hey, it's not going to work or anything, it's like a Ouija board, or a crystal ball, or gluten-free pizza.
  • Mario's horrified reaction to Chairy in the Pee Wee Herman blog.
  • "You're eating Dan Aykroyd, aren't you?"
  • "You gotta. You gotta do it. You gotta..."
  • In response to the 2016 Presidential Election, they gave us a video showing how it could be worse. Hilarity Ensues.
  • On November 28, 2016, G&B did the Mannequin Challenge. The catch? They did it completely wrong, as it entailed Mario pushing a full-size mannequin off the roof of a building and seeing if it would survive the fall, which it didn't.
  • "Glove And Boots Translates Shakespeare" has Johnny T. recite Shakespeare in that special Brooklyn way. Though the real kicker of the video is Juliet.
  • Johnny T. is not a fan of The Muppets.
    Johnny T: F**k you, frog! It's my time!
  • Mario gets wrangled into trying Perfect Teeth Veneers. The results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.