Funny / Glove and Boots

  • This lovely line:
    • "How can I be happy when the four horsemen are outside and they are all Terminators!"
  • This conversation:
    Fafa: You have to shop before the end of the world.
    Mario: Why?
    Fafa: Well, to beat the crowds. Going shopping after the apocalypse is like being at Walmart the day after Thanksgiving.
    Mario: Oh man.
    Fafa: But the other shoppers aren't just shoppers.
    (Mario turns to look at Fafa.)
    Fafa: They're zombies.
    Mario: Aw man.
    Fafa: And the zombies all have Bird Flu.
    (Mario turns his head to face the viewer)
    Mario: I hate Walmart.
  • From the Christmas Special:
    (Fafa gives Mario a present and Mario begins to shake it.)
    (Rattly Noises)
    Mario: I wonder what it is...
    Fafa: Don't do that! Everything you asked for this year explodes!
    (Mario drops present and gasps)
    Fafa: Better get the fire extinguisher.
    Mario: (calmly) My present is on fire. (panicked) My present is on fire! Aw!!!
    (Mario runs around and screams)
    • A little later in the same episode, Mario mistakes Santa for a yeti and knocks him out with the fire extinguisher.
  • In "Glove and Boots Summer Movie Review", Thor serenading Natalie Portman with "Let's Get It On" in his usual Large Ham style.
  • From "The Hero's Journey":
    • Johnny T (portraying Luke Skywalker): "... I'm going to save the galaxy and make out with my sister."
    • When Fafa introduces the role of The Herald, Mario interrupts him with ''—and Kumar!"
    • Johnny T. as Gandalf, calling Saruman The White "a real piece of sh[BLEEP]t."
  • "Glove and Boots Responds To Comments'':
  • "There are four different types of ping-pong. It wasn't always like this!"
  • The Gorillage People.
  • The outtakes videos should have their own page.
    • Evolution of the Hipster - Outtakes Reel:
      • The way Caveman Gorilla happily presents his beard, and the sound he makes.
    • Outtakes 2:
      Mario: We get trophy?
      Fafa: Yep.
      Mario: And we get to stop Deejer Baybay?
      • "A silly game that people like to play at parties is Six Degrees of Seven Bacon."
    • In "Mr. Bean Stares Through Your Soul", Mario's puppeteer loses concentration and cracks up when Fafa points out the picture of Mr. Bean in the background.
    • Outtakes 3:
      • At one point, Fafa accidentally moonwalks out of frame.
      • When Fafa is told to say the line "Stage one: Panic" in a more lighthearted manner, he goes into Dissonant Serenity.
    • Outtakes 4:
      • Mario punches out Fafa's teeth, and then eats them.
      • "Is that someone on the toilet with you [beat] behind you, sh[BLEEP]t."
      • "Everyone, I'm going to take a Buzzfeez quib so you don't have to."
      • This line:
        Fafa: Some of you are even nicer that you flag some bad comments as spam.
        Mario: Right, you've got to spag the flammers.
    • Outtakes 5:
      • Neither Mario nor Fafa can keep a straight face over Mario's whooping cough.
      • "If the entire graduating class of Hogwarts can turn a coffee cup into a turnip, they can absolutely cure foot cancer."
      • "We are going to play an Iron Raiden mecord backwards..."
    • Outtakes 6A:
      • This exchange about Fafa's severed arm:
        Fafa: What do you mean it hasn't grown back yet? It's not gonna grow back!
        Mario: Isn't that what arms do? Like snakes, when their arm gets chopped off, it grows back!
      • Fafa's puppeteer corpses when he hears Johnny T. almost say Bill Murray instead of Dan Aykroyd. In the very next take, Fafa makes exactly that mistake.
      • Mario makes a throwing motion...and his arm lands in his mouth.
    • Outtakes 6B:
      • A scene of Gargamel opening a box and looking in it ends up significantly difficult to pull off. Special mention goes to an outtake where he puts down the box and the lid pops off.
      • Part of the Dollar Store product testing video features a doll with eyes that close when you tilt her backwards. This particular one has a droopy eye even when upright.
        Fafa: Is she having a stroke?
        Mario: I don't know. (Both puppeteers dissolve into full-blown hysterics.)

  • Gorilla tackles "Oh Christmas Tree".
  • This line of 14 karat comedy gold from "The Headless Horseman Blog":
    Mario: We are going to play an Iron Maiden record backwards to try to summon THE DEVIL.
    Fafa: WHAT?!
    Mario: Hey, it's not going to work or anything, it's like a Ouija board, or a crystal ball, or gluten-free pizza.
  • Mario's horrified reaction to Chairy in the Pee Wee Herman blog.
  • "You're eating Dan Aykroyd, aren't you?"
  • "You gotta. You gotta do it. You gotta..."
  • In response to the 2016 Presidential Election, they gave us a video showing how it could be worse. Hilarity Ensues.
  • On November 28, 2016, G&B did the Mannequin Challenge. The catch? They did it completely wrong, as it entailed Mario pushing a full-size mannequin off the roof of a building and seeing if it would survive the fall, which it didn't.
  • "Glove And Boots Translates Shakespeare" has Johnny T. recite Shakespeare in that special Brooklyn way. Though the real kicker of the video is Juliet.
  • Johnny T. is not a fan of The Muppets.
    Johnny T: F**k you, frog! It's my time!
  • Mario gets wrangled into trying Perfect Teeth Veneers. The results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.
  • Uncle Joe telling the story of a friend who had a stroke. When he visited him before surgery, what did he ask? For Joe to kill the surgeon.
  • The entirety of "Everything Needs an Update" pretty much counts as one. It starts relatively small, with only minor updates for some of the technology used in the blog (minus the loss of sound from the microphone updating). It rapidly begins ballooning out of control, with Mario getting more frustrated by all of the "convenient" devices updating, ironically making it harder for him to actually do anything he wants to do. The sheer absurdity of the situation is handily summarized by Mario's reaction to the toaster and fridge of all things needing an update:
    Mario: What the hell is happening?!
    Fafa: Don't you want the convenience of seeing your food on your phone?