Awesome / Forever Gate

     Book 1 
  • Hoodwink escapes execution by exploiting a flaw in his Power Nullifier and blowing up the gallows in a lightning explosion. Then he makes his escape by bluffing; he's out of charge but the guards don't know that so he dares them into attacking him and facing electricution.
    • The above becomes a moment of awesome for The User group because they planned it. They provided the flaw in his bronze collar and the guard that allows him to leave is one of them. Finally they are ready with shelter when he's running from the law.
  • Hoodwink has to go through a lot of pain and misery to reach the top of the city walls. They are so high the temperature plummets to dead-of-winter chill and because it is a wall instead of a mountain there are fewer hand/foot holds. When he reaches the summit there's an incredible 'top of the world' feeling.
  • Seven gets one at the end of his meeting with Hoodwink. He has his back turned when Hoodwink lunges to attack and all he has to do is snap his fingers to send the man flying backwards, and with a lighting blast no less! Not only is it very painful but it shatters Hoodwink's worldview. Seven is a gol and all his life Hoodwink thought that gols collared humans because they feared the humans' Shock and Awe powers. Best of all, he does it with this nonchallant 'know your place, boy' attitude.
  • Ari gets one when you think about her backstory: her memory and personality were handcrafted by the gols so her rich suitor could have the ideal socalite and House Wife. Yet here she is not only rebelling against them but exploiting her husband's resources to do it.

     Book 2