Awesome: Final Fantasy X-2

  • Final Fantasy X-2 may not have many of these, but there is at least one, courtesy of Yuna in her bluntest line ever, when Nooj describes to her how he'll get re-possessed by Shuyin allowing them to kill the unsent:
  • Auron gets yet another epic one-liner in a treasure sphere (Gippal's Sphere/"Jackasses", if you were wondering): "Only a jackass can change the world."
  • The Gullwings raiding Kilika Temple at the end of Chapter 1. Yuna fully reveals her new personality and decides to steal the sphere, with a triumphant feel. After fighting her way through the crowded forests to the temple, they have to fight a giant, impossibly-tough looking boss. This is the real Moment Of Awesome, when they take the Awesome Sphere. Everybody there is genuinely shocked as they escape back to the airship while basically giving them the middle finger.
  • The concert in Chapter 4, with "Thousand Words".
  • Kimahri taking out Garik, proving he is a true Elder, and in the process earning his loyalty.