Awesome / Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

  • Ben refusing to give up in his fight with Ronan at the end of "Contest of Champions". It doesn't matter if he is getting beaten to a pulp; the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing is not letting his friends or his planet be wiped out.
  • When a group of goons abduct the Hulk, Johnny complains that they'll get away because they have rocket jets. Reed's derisive scoff says it all.
    Reed: Pft. Rocket jets? You wound me.
  • Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, gets a great one. Strapped to a bomb made by the Mole Man, which will detonate if she uses her strength to pry the restraints off, she does something the Mole Man couldn't have anticipated. She shrinks down to her human form, making her hands and wrists much smaller than the restraints, and allowing her to slip out easily, before resuming her Hulked-out form. The Mole Man Did Not See That Coming.
    Mole Man: What? You can't do that. The Thing never did that!
  • On a meta-level, Sue's characterization is pretty awesome, especially if you compare it to the 1967 animated installment, as she is a far cry from that original series version, who could be largely counted on to run from a threat yelling "Reed, Johnny, Ben, help!". This series' Sue is much more assertive, take-charge, and clearly a force to be reckoned with.
  • Johnny gets one during his trial by the Kree. Despite wearing a power-cancelling collar, he manages to flame on to save a Kree child from a cybernetic beast that had been punted into the stands by Ronan during his fight with the other members of the team. It is so impressive, it earns the respect of the Kree audience and Supreme Intelligence. The former begin chanting Johnny's name, while the latter commute's Johnny's death sentence.
  • Iron Man's armor is so impressive to Doom, he give him the closest thing to a complement he can.
    "Your employer's armor is adequate.