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Quotes: Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes
Susan (to Dr. Doom): We're not finished yet!
Ben: Not by a long shot!

"You will pay for that, oafish gargoyle! None may touch Doom!"
Dr. Doom, "Doomsday"

"I used to think I was a monster...and then I met you. I may look like a pile of rocks, but you're ugly."
Ben to the Mole Man, "Molehattan"

Cab Driver (to Reed in Doom's body): You're that Iron Man guy, right?
Reed: Yes.

Johnny (as Doom starts a fight): Ben, what am I gonna do? It's Reed; I can't hurt him!


Johnny (about to enter the Negative Zone): Don't tell anyone or you'll get in trouble.
HERBIE: What?!...

Reed: HERBIE, where's Johnny?
HERBIE: It wasn't my fault!
Susan: Your computer is weird, Reed.
— "Zoned Out"

Johnny: It's the Hulk. I mean, the Hulk. I thought he was like Bigfoot or something!
Johnny (about catching the agents who kidnapped Bruce Banner): How? They've got a head start and rocket engines.
Reed: Rocket engines? You wound me.
—"Hard Knocks"

Bruce: I can't just Hulk out. I have to get angry.
Ben: Your pants are out of style. You got a bad haircut. Your momma's so ugly...
Bruce: Ben, that's not gonna work...
Ben: Then how about this: these guys are gonna use the Hulk to hurt people — innocent people, Banner — and there's nothing you can do about it! They're gonna let out the monster...
Bruce screams as he begins to Hulk Out.

Hulk (to Agent Pratt): Hulk knows you! Stupid man in black coat should leave Hulk alone!

Reed: No dogs in the lab! This time I'm not going to protect you from your sister's wrath.
Camera shifts to Susan and dog.
Susan: Who's the prettiest doggy in the whole world? You are; yes, you are!
Reed: All right... thank you, Susan.
Johnny (laughs): Sister's wrath indeed!
Susan: Puppy!

Alicia: Does Reed have another computer I could talk to, maybe?
Fire Element!Johnny: This is just so sad. I think I'll put you out of your misery!
Johnny: S-Sue? No! Can't...make me...hurt her!

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