Headscratchers / Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

  • Wait, so are Reed and Sue actually together in this version, or what?
    • Could be that they are together but seeing as this is a Lighterand Softer children series they don't want to make it romantic and stuff or they do like each other and but haven't beocome an Official Couple yet.
  • If Doom went up in the rocket (see the intro) then why doesn't he have any powers?
    • He may have been in a different section of the station than the rest of them, similar to what happened in the movie.
  • Wait, if Sue and Reed aren't official in this universe, why were she and Johnny in the rocket in the first place?
    • It's possible that at that point, she just had a crush on Reed.
  • Since when can Impossible Man...for lack of a better term, possess things like that?