Awesome / Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • Kristofferson kicking a bully's ass with a display of fighting moves you'd never think possible to show in stop-motion.
    Kristofferson: (takes off shoes) Don't do that.
    Beaver's son: Why'd you take your shoes off?
    (cue asskicking)
  • Ash has his own MOA when he makes a dash with machine guns firing at him, breaks a lock, and digs swiftly and smoothly out of sight before a rabid dog breaks loose on his enemies. Hotbox!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fox vs. Rat. Both of them originally appeared to consider Rat only a nuisance, but then he attempts to kidnap Ash, and they go full Mama Bear and Papa Wolf on him
  • Awesome Music: The "Stunt Expo 2004" or "Great Harrowsford Square" music, with the The London Oratory School Boy's Choir singing Dahl's "Boggis, Bunce, and Bean" limerick to a full orchestration by Alexandre Desplat. It happens near the end of the film when the animals are retaliating against all the humans.
    • Lyrics reprinted here for your convenience:
      Boggis and Bunce and Bean
      One fat, one short, one lean
      These horrible crooks
      So different in looks
      Were none the less equally mean.
    • Rat's theme (first heard on "Beans' Secret Cider Cellar") also qualifies. The latter part of the track his theme appears on ("Just Another Dead Rat In A Garbage Pail (Behind A Chinese Restaurant)") makes a tender reference to the melody of the three farmers' theme. This music is somber because of Rat's death.
    • Petey's banjo playing. Also doubles as a funny moment when Bean shows up.
    • For us Beach Boys fans, "Heroes and Villains". Just to see that forgotten classic be revived for a major production is mind-blowing to say the least.
    • Hearing Nancy Adams' "Love" from Disney's Robin Hood, another animated movie about foxes, play during the scene when Ash and Kristofferson dive into the pool. It's hard for those who grew up with and loved the Disney film not to get a massive nostalgia rush at this point.
    • The ending theme, "Let Her Dance" (By the Bobby Fuller Four, better known for "I Fought the Law") definitely qualifies as Crowning Music of Awesome as well, and strikes the perfect tone for the end of the story.
  • The Wolf. He doesn't say anything, but he still manages to cause the other animals to both fear and respect him, before silently acknowledging Mr. Fox.