Heartwarming / Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • When Ash admits to Kristofferson that he was wrong about his cousin being a showoff who wanted to embarrass him and eventually bonds with him as a good friend.
  • Ash's apology. After he says: "Kristofferson, I'm sorry." You can see Kristofferson's eyes start to tear.
  • Felicity's conversation with her son.
    Felicity: I know what it's like to feel... [hand gestures] ...different.
    Ash: I'm not different. Am I?
    Felicity: We all are. [points to Mr. Fox] Him especially. But there's something kinda fantastic about that, isn't there?
    • Before that, her licking mud off his face in an oddly animal-like maternal gesture.
  • Ash seeing Kristofferson crying, and without either of them saying a word they play with his train set in the middle of the night.
  • Mr. Fox giving Ash his very own bandit hat.
  • Mr Fox telling Ash that years ago, when he heard that they were going to have a cub, Mr Fox wondered what the cub was going to be like. He says to his son, "Ash, I'm so glad he was you." Mr Fox walks away and Ash's eyes tear up.
  • On the DVD extras, Jason Schwartzman talks about his character and how teenagers feel awkward and ashamed of themselves. He also says "Maybe foxes are fantastic. I think anyone can be fantastic. You have to believe that you're fantastic."
  • The scene with the Wolf. Mr Fox's eyes tearing as they look at each other. The music in that is so beautiful.