Awesome / Family Matters

  • When Steve finally told Laura off after he had taken her abuse at a motel trying to unfold the "roll-out bed from Hell" and she suggested he sleep in the bathtub. After he had driven her to her cheerleading meet out of town without so much as a "Thank you" from her. Here it is, in all its glory.
    • And it was her fault they had to stay at the hotel. Steve had told her that his car couldn't safely go any faster, but Laura was too impatient and stepped on his foot to bottom out the gas pedal. The resulting strain on the engine caused it to blow a gasket.
  • When Laura is in danger from his Urkelbot while Steve's trapped in a nearby closet, he breaks the door down to save her much to his own shock.
    Steve: (proudly) Did I do that?!
  • The first time Steve turns into Stefan. It's the first time Jaleel White has spoken on screen in anything but an Urkel voice and the audience is visibly stunned at hearing him sounding so different.
  • Expect one for Carl in any episode where we see him on the job.
    • Probably the best is when a thief takes the cop bringing him in hostage while Carl is showing Richie's class around the station. He quickly shepherds the kids into another room, then talks the man down by guessing that he's only a petty crook who isn't prepared to kill anyone.
    • In one episode, Carl and a partner take turns guarding Steve from a robber out to get him. It turns out the robber was disguised as the partner and was alone in the house with Urkel. He prepares to shoot Urkel (who woke up from sleep and noticed him) when Carl breaks into the room and subdues the robber. How did Carl know that it wasn't his partner? The two of them had a 'See you later-Not if I see you first' exchange that the robber didn't repeat.
      • Added awesomeness because Carl had screwed up a possible collar earlier in the episode. He was beginning to think that he was losing his touch as a cop - only to pull off this CMOA.
    • In one (Halloween) episode, Steve and Laura end up as hostages during a bank robbery. One of the robber's demands is for a pizza. A short time later, in comes a short fat Jamaican pizza man. When the robber opens the pizza box, spring snakes startle him and Carl (who was in fact the pizza man) jumps the robber and takes him down.
      • This is also a Brick Joke since the snakes were the same that Steve used to scare Carl at the beginning of the episode. Carl also gives Steve credit for that and for being willing to protect Laura during the incident.
    • In one of the later episodes, Carl and everyone in the precinct are positive he will get the promotion to Captain; but the Commissioner transfers in his nephew for the position. He even has the audacity to ask Carl to help out his nephew, and Carl reluctantly agrees. Carl likes the new Captain because the guy is very friendly and values Carl's opinion. A situation comes up where two rival gangs are going to have a confrontation, and everyone turns to the Captain. Not knowing what to do, he asks Carl to tell him what actions to take; but Carl says that it's not his place to tell him since he's the Captain. Because lives are at stake, he asks Carl what he would do. Carl then starts laying out his plan, and the Captain authorizes it. When the Commissioner comes to congratulate them on a job well done, Carl gives the praise to the Captain. This in itself is a crowning moment of awesome for Carl to be humble. Another moment follows right after when the Captain tells his uncle that it was Carl's plan and that he's not cut out for it. He just likes being where he was and states the best man for the job is Carl. So, the Commissioner promotes Carl.
    • In "False Arrest," Buddy Goodrich, a giant jerk who's the star of a popular, family-friendly TV show, assaults Carl after he tells Goodrich that he's parked his car in a handicapped spot. Carl arrests Goodrich, who quickly schemes to have his assistant lie about what really happened. But the star is desperate to cover up any possible bad press, so he heads to the Winslow home with tickets to his show (the entire family, save Carl, loves the program) and a fat bribe for Carl (in the guise of hiring him as a "technical consultant"). Carl says that "I can't shave with my eyes closed," and explains that if he did take the bribe, he wouldn't be able to face his children, fellow officers, or himself. He then kicks the arrogant star out of the house, to wild applause from both his family and the studio audience. And in the end, Goodrich is found guilty after all, which ruins his reputation.
      • The rest of the family gets in on the action when they return the tickets to the taping and slam the door in Goodrich's face, making it clear that they no longer support his phony act.
    • After an extortionist rips Eddie and Waldo off, Carl is able to simply arrest the guy for serving alcohol to minors and turns every argument/excuse the guy uses against him. Followed up by him giving Eddie a smack on the back of the head when Eddie begins to swagger out, forgetting that the entire mess was his fault to begin with.
  • Harriette tells off her ex-boss in the second episode (''Two-Income Family"), when he isn't too keen on rehiring her (for a different job).
    Mr. Seeger: Quite frankly, this job is way out of your league.
    Harriette: Oh really Mr. Seeger? For your information I have management experience coming out of my ears.
    Mr. Seeger: Heh, it's not on your resume.
    Harriette: Yes it is. Right there, see? It says Mrs. Harriette Winslow. I worked here full time and I was a full-time mom. You want to talk management? I managed a home, a household budget, and a family. And Mr. Seeger, I'm talking about a job you can't call in sick for, you never get a raise or overtime, and you can't take vacation. Every day I'm a leader, an organizer, and a mediator! Those are my qualifications. You want references?! Call Eddie, Laura, and Judy Winslow and ask them about my work. You know the number.
    • She later gets the job.
  • In Life of the Party Rachel tightrope-walks over a clothesline, risking her own life to rescue a drunken Steve who was hanging from a rooftop. (It's a long story.)
  • Eddie and Steve fall victim to a pool shark. They are rescued by Mother Winslow, who proceeds to mop the floor, er, table with him, but not before warning another mook not to stand directly behind her pool cue.
  • Steve has his fair share as well:
    • Loudly smacking Willie Fuffner across the face with a mitten and demanding satisfaction for insulting Laura and himself, in the episode "Requiem for an Urkel," stands as one of his all time best (to anyone confused, when Laura rejected Willie for a dance, he antagonized any guy interested. Steve initally believed it was so she would end up going alone, but it turns out it was so she would end up going with Steve, which everyone viewed as worse.)
    • Even though it was an Imagine Spot, no one can deny the awesomeness of him taking down a bank robber while dressed as Superman.
      Thug: You're making a big mistake, pal.
      Steve: Not as big as the one your parents made!
    • In one episode, Carl and Steve end up sharing a hospital room (Steve had appendicitis and Carl got shot in the butt) and the man who shot him had sneaked into the hospital to finish the job. Steve, who was in the bathroom, takes the guy down from behind with a bedpan to the head.
    • When a gang member makes advances to Laura, repeatedly trying to touch her after she's told him not to, Steve slaps the guy's hand away, snapping "The lady asked not to be touched." Pretty ballsy considering the guy could have snapped him like a twig.
  • Two words: Bruce Juice. Steve and Carl are turned into Bruce Lee clones and take down an entire gang inside of the police warehouse.
    • In a later episode Bruce Juice is used again as Steve with Richie and 3J protect a park from another gang.
      • Earlier in the episode, Steve volunteers to clean up the park by hosing the area and picking up litter, only to encounter three obnoxious girls (the same girls that he faced in a previous episode) that purposely toss around litter just to get on his nerves. After remembering that he's armed with a water hose, he gives the camera a sly grin before hosing the bullies out of the park.
  • Carl gets one in the opening of a episode, placed on a diet he's miserably munching on a carrot when Steve enters with a hot pizza in hand. He nearly snaps to be given a slice but regains control, instead he offers Steve to go see a movie with him. When they go, Carl opens the door and when Steve exits Carl slams the door shut and locks it on Steve and goes to have the Pizza all for himself. One of the few times he gets one up on Urkel.
  • In The Episode where Carl and Steve have to wrestle The Bushwhackers (Long Story) Steve innocently tells one of them that Carl's a cop which enrages them as they hate Cops as Butch's Mother got arrested by Cops after finally catching her. They began fighting for real instead of acting it out like they had planned and pummel Carl. Steve, despite earlier being scared of them wastes little time in getting into the ring and fighting them to try and save Carl.
  • Harriette telling off a snobby superior.
    "You're fired. That felt good."
    "I QUIT! That felt better!"
  • Myrtle gets one in the final season when she finally decides to give up on Eddie, realizing finally that he doesn't want her. Instead of crying however, she pulls herself up and tells him that she's going to find a man to love her the way she deserves to be loved.
  • Carl's Papa Wolf moment, where he tells off a racist cop that pulled Eddie over in "Good Cop, Bad Cop". He then has a heart-to-heart with the man's partner. He asks the younger officer why he joined the police force, given that it's such a dangerous job. The younger officer says he wanted to make a difference, "you know, good guys against the bad guys". Carl then points out the problem - his partner is one of the "bad guys".
  • One for Estelle when she tells the story to Laura of how she went to a whites-only library every day for six months before the librarian finally relented, gave her a library card, and integrated the library from then on.
  • Yet another for Estelle, when she gives a presentation on the Brown Bombshell and the Tuskegee Airmen of WWII to Eddie's class.
    Eddie: You should have seen it: The school bell rang and nobody left!
    Steve: That's what you get when you've got a top-notch storyteller.
  • One episode had Laura going on a date to a drive-in with a guy who pressured her for sex. When she told him she didn't want to, he proceeded to insult her, calling her stupid, uncool, and a baby. Laura takes this crap and also shrugs him off multiple times. She finally shouts, "For the last time, no means NO!" smacks him, and exits the car.
  • Eddie, Steve, and Laura get one in Season Three. Eddie, taking from an earlier routine that Harriette and Carl pull on him to confess to something, plays "Bad Cop, Good Cop" with Steve to get Ted to confess that he was spreading false rumors about Laura. First Eddie intimidates Ted into confessing in front of his friends and other students that there was only one kiss with both sets of eyes open. Before Eddie can expose Ted's "vital organs to daylight", Laura steps in and calls Ted out for this betrayal.
  • Steve learns he has a natural talent for basketball and tries out for the team. Since no one would pass him the ball, he couldn't showcase his skills but the coach brought him on as equipment manager. Come the big game, most of the team is benched with injuries, Steve is finally put in to play and he and Eddie almost singlehandedly win the game.
    • One for Eddie during that same game as he's the one who convinces the coach to put Steve into play by reminding the coach that his job is on the line if they lose.
  • Steve saving Carl's life when the latter is electrocuted by taking charge, giving direction to Eddie and Laura, and providing first aid in an averted depiction of Clean Pretty Reliable.