Tear Jerker: Family Matters

  • Carl visits the grave of an innocent man who was killed during a hostage situation one year prior. He feels it was his fault since felt he didn't do anything to save the man and as the episode progressed, he was taking all of his frustrations and anger out on the family and people around him. While he's at the gravesite and apologizing his heart out, the late man's wife arrives and forgives him as they comfort each other.
    Harriette: It wasn't your fault.
    Carl: I know that up here...(points to head)...but not down here (points to heart).
    • The man's widow explaining to Carl that she understands how he feels; on the night of her husband's death, she had playfully pestered him about having a craving for ice cream, and after feigning a complaint he decided to go anyway...then the hostage situation happened. She had spent much of that year afterward blaming herself, believing that if she hadn't asked him to go to the store that night he wouldn't have died.
  • Harriette and Rachel reunite with their father, who they hadn't seen since they were kids. Rachel is alright seeing her dad because she was so young before he left, but Harriet got to bond with him a lot more. She's heartbroken and hurt that her daddy would lie and abandon her as a child.
    Harriette: Why weren't you there when we needed you?!
  • Laura finding out that her campaign for a Black History class is only fanning the flames of hatred.
    • A note in Laura's locker: "If you want black history, go back to Africa."
    • And written on Laura's locker was... ...guess.
      • Plus Carl and Harriette's discussion of racism and this whole predicament.
  • Waldo's defeated, repeated, "Aw, gee," when Maxine mistakes Eddie's messing around to mean that Waldo is too, and you see how broken up he is when he thinks the girl he loves hates him.
    • Good thing they get back together thanks to the two girls who Eddie invited over helping to clear things up. You even find yourself cheering when the girls become disgusted by Eddie's unsympathetic attitude.